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: Yarn Berry Fly (Egg Fly?) for Carp

08-28-2002, 09:57 AM
I've recently had some incredible success catching carp on these flies. I've been referring to them as "berry" flies, but I guess they are actually the same as (or similar to) the yarn egg fly patterns that are used for trout and salmon. I'm not sure if the carp actually think they are berries since there were no real berries in evidence where I was fishing. The carp were hitting these flies while they were sinking, drifting or just sitting on the bottom (sometimes I would move the fly a bit to get their attention). Even the swimming carp were turning to inspect the fly and sometimes eat it. Here's how I make them, but other methods and materials would probably work just as well.

Hook: #12 short shank. I only had light wire hooks. Heavy duty hooks with a wider gap may be better.
Thread: white or colored to match body.
Body: purple and orange or white yarn. I used Needloft Plastic Canvas Yarn, but any type would probably work. These have purple near the hook bend and orange or white near the hook eye to increase visibility. I've also caught fish on solid orange flies. Other colors would probably work too.

Crush barb of hook. Wrap hook shank with thread. Lash a small strip of lead to the hook shank to add weight if desired. Cut a few 3/4" to 1" pieces of yarn. I use 4 or 5 pieces per fly. Unravel and fluff a strip of yarn to separate the fibers, and then tie the fibers onto the shank as if you were spinning deer hair. I make a couple turns of thread, then fold the fibers back and make a couple more turns. Work from the hook bend forward, tying in one bunch of yarn at a time, then tie off and cement the thread. Trim the fibers to the desired shape, making them short enough on the bottom so they don't block the hook point and prevent hookups.

Alternate method: Make a dubbing loop near the bend, put the unraveled yarn in the dubbing loop and twist it so it's like big puffy chenille, then wrap towards the hook eye and tie down. You could probably even use large chenille instead of yarn. If it's the kind with wire then it would add weight as well.

08-28-2002, 10:49 AM

Yes very similar to a the yarn and egg fly imiations used for trout, steelhead, salmon. Since I don't use these much any more (except when I am desparate for a fish encounter) I can justify using the many in the fly books, yes for carp. Suckers also take these readily.

Thanks, and keep us posted on your continued research.

Don't give up on the hex nymph pattern either, its a go to general nymph imitation for many fresh water species.