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: Boston Harbor & South Shore Striper-8/24/02

B-Fast Charters
08-28-2002, 08:35 AM

Early in the week hordes of one-inch bait-fish (silversides) were staging in the coves on beachfronts off the outer-harbor and the South Shore following the moon tides. From Point Allerton to Cohassetís Minotís ledge and the ďGladesĒ off Scituate, one could find the terns and cormorants diving into the fleeing bait that the bass were pinning against the shoreline.

On both days of Roger Hooverís two-day fly charter, he and brother-in-law Pete were treated to shallow water sight casting to breaking bass in the coastal coves and rocky inlets. Tuesdays trip started in the Quincy Bay casting to medium and small blues. On the return trip to Cohasset, the fly fishers cast to the feeding bass with trimmed-down clousers with limited success. However, on Wednesday, armed with some small bone fish bead-head flies dressed with crystal-flash proved to be the just what the doctor ordered as a bait fish imitator. In four to six feet of the water, on the last hour of the ebbing tide, the anglers were doubled with linesiders that had inhaled the bone patterns. Four keepers were brought to net, 34, 32, 31 and 29 inches, and released unharmed as well as numerous bass between 24 and 27 inches. Further, casting small white gurglers and white slug-gos brought the bass to the surface when bass werenít showing in the coves.

Dave Robinson and nephew Jess from Dryden, NY and Granby, CT, respectively, had the same action in the Glades off Scituate and Cohassetís coves. Numerous bass between 24 and 27 inches were brought to net as well as one slammer 12 pound blue and a 31 inch keeper bass. Again small flies and slug-gos on light-spinning gear were the ticket.

Doug Bauerís (Vernon , CT) second two-day trip to Boston with his Brother started out in Quincy Bay on the last of the flood and the first hours of the ebb. Doug did battle with the long rod while his Bro cast the slug-gos. Small chartreuse Half & Halfs worked well sub-surface fished on 400 grain DepthCharge line and 2/0 white gurglers fished well on Wonderline. Big blues, 8-12 pounds, and keeper bass were mixed together feeding on the bait stacked-up on the bottom. Both anglers took keepers to 32 inches. The flies out-fished the spinning baits cast to the rock ledges off Cohasset on the return trip. Further, when the bass corralled the bait and erupted on a few occasions late in the morning, both anglers were again doubled-up.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters