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: south county reports?

08-27-2002, 07:44 PM
Hi Folks! You can tell the fall season is at hand when I finally get around to returning to the forum. I've been a good boy all summer, saving up my brownies and working my buttoff. Now it is time to get out and hunt for all those peanut bunker I keep reading about. Based on the peanut reports over the last few weeks, I'd say we're in for a memorable fall. I'm expecting lots of blitzes, especially bluefish blitzes. Should be plenty of bass mixing in as well. The unknown quantity is the fat alberts. Will they run as good as past years? Water's warm enough, bait in plenty, but where are they? Shouldn't the advance guard have arrived? Hopefully it will bust wide open soon!
In anticipation of that coming action, I've decided to make tomorrow a scouting day. Probably tour the shore from Watch Hill to Narraganset. Anybody got any up to date sightings of peanut concentrations? How bout fast fish? Anybody else gonna be out on foot tomorrow?

08-27-2002, 08:33 PM
Mr. Z good to hear from you. Can't help you with the reports but look forward to yours. Will see you at the gathering in Rhodey. Remember to try my salsa.


08-27-2002, 10:31 PM
:o I went today, I met up with Geoff from Ny. Met at Weekapaug, while waiting for Geoff some friends of mine came in with some bass about 15 lbs, and blues about 10 lbs which were caught at Quonochotaug. We went to the west side, and fished the surf, Peanut bunker came by in droves, moving from west to east. Did not see many splashes in among them, the birds were working them pretty hard. I even launched my inflatable, and paddled out anchored, and watched them come by. I honestly didn't see any fish working them on the surface, they may have been down deep.:confused: I then took the inflatable into Quonny Pond, as the tide was coming in. I even took Geoff for a tour around the pond, I did the rowing. There was lots of bait in the channel,:) Out on the flats ther was some good fish working the bait, but they were few, and far between. I even happened to be looking down when about a 10 or 15 lb bass cruised along the boat, then turned and went for parts unknown.:(This was in water about 3 foot deep.
:o For me it was an embrassment, I didn't produce. I fished all my secret spots, and not even a hit. I hope Geoff realizes that sometimes the Gods don't smile.:chuckle:
Just because I don't catch fish don't mean they are not there. I forgot, I saw a spin fisherman come off the west wall at Weekapaug with about a 10 lb bass just after daybreak.