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: This is intresting !

08-27-2002, 04:20 PM
Well I just got in from doing some flyfishing and had a very scary thing happen. I was catching bluegill with a frog pattern popper. I was retrieving a small bluegill when I seen this monster hog of a largemouth bass engulf my bluegill:eyecrazy: I said this aint going to work :( In fear of snapping my rod. I remembered I had 5X for a tippet and figured he would snap it. I quickly felt the weight of the bass and then nothing. Well he got the bluegill off without snapping my tippet:chuckle:

Now for part 2:

A little later in a different spot a small bluegill came up to snatch my popper when all of a sudden the little fish lunged out of the water past the popper and skated the surface for about 3 feet , like his tail was on fire:confused: At the same time I noticed a large swirling whirl pool just behind the little guy like something was chasing it.

Are we heading into the fall feeding pattern of fish :confused: we have had rain and much cooler weather settle in. Seems like the fishing has picked up a bit, at least for warm water. I am now starting to think of the trout that have been dorment for weeks.

08-27-2002, 06:58 PM
I've seen pickerel attack fish that were on the line (or attack just after the fish came unhooked), and I've had bass and pike come up and look the fish over while I was bringing it in, but I never caught one that way.

There's a place where I fish in the springtime where I see BIG bass chasing bluegills in the outflow from a culvert. I haven't tried to tie a bluegill fly yet, but I know bluegills are near the top of the menu for bass. I've caught lots of bass (even small ones) that had bluegill tails hanging out of their gullets.

Anyone got a good bluegill pattern?


08-28-2002, 03:02 AM
Last night on Fly Fish TV on OLN Scott Morris had a diver bluegill fly pattern. Also he had some awesome bass plugs.