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: Dang it !

08-27-2002, 03:36 AM
I was flyfishing for pan fish last night on a lake that was as calm as can be with a lot of top water action. Well I was using my only black rubber spider with the white legs. I was catching fish left and right. I made a good cast way out and as I made the first twitch the surface broke and something gulped up the little booger fly. As I set the hook, I felt good weight on the end and I was just about to say "Big fish" when all of a sudden,.......SNAP !:mad: That was my only black spider:(

John Desjardins
08-27-2002, 08:24 AM
This advice is a little late but... When buying flies I've learned the hard way to always buy 3 of a pattern. My thinking is 1 fly gets sacrificed to a snag, the second catches fish, and the third is to tie from or to find an identical replacement for the future.

On the bright side you know where a larger fish is, what he bit on, and that you can trick him into biting. May your next trip end up with the fish at hand.