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08-26-2002, 03:34 PM
I recently spent a few days on the cape. Met John at the light last saturday after a night of fishing. He looks just like his picture. Fished Balston, Herring Cove, Pamet River and southbeach. Tons of bait but no fish. Came back and fished Thursday thru Saturday. Canal at both ends, Bell road, Back river, Buttermilk Bay, Scorton Creek, Chatham, Brewster Flats and managed one fish on the flats. The canal is loaded with fish feeding on top right between the railraod bridge and the academy but there is no access to get them. Maybe a yak would do the trick but you cannot fish from it in the canal. The fish have also moved into chatham down south beach from the point where that little sand island is forming. I got a few follows but no takers. I saw a guy hook up four times tossing plastic bait. Great trip, good to see Mass again but the humidity is killer. It is good to be home to 15% humidity and wide open spaces.


08-26-2002, 04:16 PM
Good to meet you bad about the results of your fishing but you were not alone..If I look back this is the worst in 12 years where I fish in Chatham... and even though the boats are starting to do should have been like that all summer... I think ,even with all the bait we are seeing around the shore now there must be more off shore so the fish have no need to come the lack of sand eels is puzzeling. If that mung goes on South Beach.. I am anticipating great fishing off the beaches and even better off's a highway to the south. September should be great.....but ...the location of that bait concerns me.