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: Chatham 8-24 / 25

Bob Pink
08-25-2002, 08:09 PM
Spent Sat AM raking clams in Ryders Cove since the forecast figured to be too crappy for the boat. Hit the lighthouse on my way to clam spot #2 to find Juro, Jim & Nick still in waders but looking resigned. Tough to make the committment to head down there tat early and not have traditionally good spots produce, but that's been Chatham this year...
Came back on Sun with my 18yr old next door neighbor for a payback trip before he left for school. Juro had called with a "tip" tip for possible bonito action but as so often happens, that was yesterday and not today. But we forged on and low & behold some of last year's spots started to produce some bass. I dropped the first 'large' one we hooked after she swam under the boat and ended up being plesantly rewarded with a dozen or so nice size fish. When the tide went slack we jumped out to deeper water 50-60' and switched to spinning gear. Found some nice legal -sized fish holding about 25 - 30' down as well as lot's of low teen bluefish.

Very few boats out or people on the beaches in spite of the brilliant afternnon. Nice day!

08-25-2002, 08:52 PM
Thanks for the report Bob, hope your luck is a sign of the changing of the guard; the end of the dog days. Strangely there have been no sand eels to speak of in the inlet, but I am sure it has to happen soon. Those guys coming back had a huge bonito, a keeper bass for every rider, and a bluefish in every orifice... of the boat that is :devil:

We popped into a few fishy spots on the way west and Jim and Nick found blues under the birds from the yaks to cooperate. On the way back, Jim and I took a pit stop in Plymouth for some spontaneous yak fishing action. Jim, you really got some hot fishing right in your neighborhood!