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: Beginner Rod Advice??

08-25-2002, 12:26 AM
I just started into the wonderful world of fly fishing this year. I have only been on two trips so far, one to Montana and one to the South fork of the Salmon in Idaho. On my Idaho trip I used a friends dads sage discovery 590 rod with a sage reel. I liked the action of the rod but having nothing to compare it with I am not sure how it would truly compare to other rods. On my Idaho trip my Uncle and I went on a guided day trip and the guide supplied us with Orvis Silverlabel rods and large arbor reels. It seemed like the Silverlabel rod was a little faster and I liked it a little better. Am I just imagining this? Anyway, I am looking for a beginner to intermediate rod and reel setup (9ft 5 or 6 weight)for between $200 and $300 is this Possible? any suggestions would be great. Fly fishing is really fun but expensive. Thanks for the input.

Larry Evers
08-25-2002, 04:48 PM
Yes, I use several rods and one of my favorites is a Sage Model DS2 590. It's 9' 5wt. you can look to pay about $225-$250 for it.

08-25-2002, 11:41 PM
Net Wolf,

If you want a package deal that includes rod, reel, line take a look at the Loomis packages. They come in four sizes: 7 1/2' 4 weight (probably light for what you want); 9" 5 weight; 9' 6 weight ( a very nice all-around rod); and a 9' 8 weight. They retail for about $180.00 complete, which puts them under the amount you set in you post.

They are nice IM6 rods and are great value. In fact, they are the original G. Loomis blank design from back when Gary Loomis began the company back in 1981. I still have 2 of those original G. Loomis rods and I still use them for trout. I gave a third one to my now 15 year old when he turned 11. They compare very favorably with the Sage or Orvis silver label in action. I rate them as a best buy. In fact, I know of no other comparable package for the price. I wouldn't hestitate to buy and use any of them. I am going to buy one of the 9' 6 weights for my 11 year old for Christmas, that's how highly I think of them.