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: Report - S. Lk Michigan & Trib.

08-23-2002, 06:13 PM
Fished a river mouth and the surf at day break this morning (5AM) . Nothing doing, but got a lot of casting exercise. Big find was a strategic under water casting rock right off the river mouth channel. Perfect for casting into the gut of the channel. Think I will call it mine, since there are no other fly casters I have ever seen at this location. Rubbed off algae on it so I can it find it again as it was a very dark green.

Fished the surf for an hour, it was kind of rough, some large waves due to storms on lake michigan last night. Was nice though, no one else was fishing !!! Quiet and peaceful, me the ducks and sea gulls in a light rain for 4 hours on the big lake.

Then drove to a Lake michigan tributary and pulled out the spey rod. Hit it hard in the rain for 4 hours with only a 5 LB carp on a hex nymph to show for my efforts. Never turned a salmon or steelhead. There have been reports they have been getting them in the river closer to lake michigan however I was probably 20 miles up river from the lake.

Oh well things are just starting for us here in the great lakes now and will go through next May until there is no fish in the rivers. Actually, there are some in the rivers in June but normally things do not get started until July with summer runs. This year with the hot weather and drought the summer runs steelhead that start in July have been delayed. Suspect they will be coming when the kings arrive in September.

Should be some great fishing with the mild winter we had there last year. Reports are the charter boats on lake michigan have been seeing bigger kings than normal.

Picked up a bunch of sea gull feathers from the flock of a thousand I walked through on the beach today. Anybody ever try tying with them ?

I threw both my 9 weight 9.5 foot graphite and spey 7/8 weight 13 footer today. What a difference in casting with the spey rod. It is heavier to handle, but results in longer and more efficient casts, and more casts per time on the water.

Got caught in a tremendous down pour on the river when I was leaving.

Juro, I wore the FFF hat today and baptized it with a good a great lakes down pour. Got some pictures and will post as soon as they are developed.


P.S. Checked the lake surface temp readings from the daily satellite images this morning, the water temp dropped 20 degrees to the mid forties over night where I was fishing yesterday in the lake. Such is my luck and the "sum of the challenge" of andramous fishing. I bet they were really in the river mouth this morning and I missed by 24 hours !! :mad: :mad:

I will be back their soon for sure