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08-23-2002, 06:12 AM
Sunday, August 18, 2002: Every day out in the Harbor is different and today was no exception for Bob Nelson, his brother Jim, and their father Tom
Nelson. At first light, we hit a small school of small blues in Quincy Bay and hooked a few while practicing our fly casting basics. Both Bob and Jim are new to the game, Jim never having caught a fish on the fly. After things slowed down in Quincy, I found a nice school of bass busting small bait, most likely silversides, along Spectacle I. Small silverside patterns in yellow or chartreuse were the ticket, as well as white sluggos for the spin fisher. A number of boats were also on bass off the Castle. Many of these fish had sea lice. But today was a day for bluefishing...In fact, today was by far and away one of the best days for bluefishing in Boston or anywhere! It really doesn't get any better. There were acres of "user friendly" blues on top from the Point and east of the Graves.
These fish were aggressive, seemingly oblivious to the boats, and gorging themselves on peanut bunker. The fly of choice was a white sea-ducer fished on an intermediate line. We later switched to small flies @ 2 hours into the blitz. Any topwater lure worked equally well fished on a

Monday, August19, 2002: Took a busman's holiday today and fished with my friend, Roger Moore, CCA-MA President. While we were miles offshore
searching for school BFT, there was a nice bass blitz in the anchorage which lasted for about an hour or so. We made the fast run back to Boston to catch the tail end and missed most of the show. However, we got into some nice bass and small blues off the airport and the Castle about one hour into the going tide. We found some more blues in Quincy Bay but thses fish were spotty and hard to get onto. The acres of blues from yesterday were no where to be found today. That's fishin'...The good news is there are herring, silversides and peanut bunker in the harbor and lots of them. The best news is that there are fresh stripers as well.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002: Had the pleasure of taking a few of Adam Wisnia's clients from Pennsylvania out for a light tackle/fly fishing charter. Tim Harlan chose to fly rod up his first saltwater fish and co-worker, Dotty (an avid fisherwoman) used the spinning rod to outfish Tim. We found the blues blitzing an our or so into the coming tide in Quincy Bay. After that action slowed, we headed offshore and had some great bluefishing between the Graves and the entrance to the North Channel.

Thursday, August 22, 2002: Margy Koepke, her son Max, Margy's brother Bruce Fox and his son Christian spent the morning fishing for blues on light
tackle. We found a small school working bait just after low water but only picked up a few before things got really quiet. A call from Capt. Gene Kelly alerted me to the fact that the blues (bigger ones) came up again in the North Channel area. These fish were less picky than the ones inside and feeding on larger herring. At the top of the tide, we found more blues (smaller ones) in Quincy Bay. However, these choppers were somewhat finicky due to the amount of small baitfish (most likely silversides) they were feeding on. After trying a number of different baits, I found that the 31/2" Rainbow Trout colored fin"s fish on a 3/8 oz jig head worked the best. Small flies would work as well.

Until next week, we'll see you out there...

Capt. Wayne Frieden

P.S. Back to my day job on Monday, August 26, so I'll be relegated to fishing weekends and holidays through Mid-October.