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: ...a clasp of hands.

08-23-2002, 02:31 AM
While lamenting the direction fly-fishing is headed, a recent post questioned the relationship of the internet and fly-fishing; a good question. I submit the value is people touching people. The conversation. Though apart, a clasping of hands in friendship. It's not so silly...

A member of this forum (with whom I have been at odds with on numerous occasions) sent me a private message asking for my residential address so to send me a few flies that might be of interest to me while I experience the world of fishing a riffled hitched fly for Steelhead. I was caught off guard by the offer and exceedingly thrilled.

I received the box today, a fine selection created with skill. I am overwhelmed. Notwithstanding the number and quality of the selection, the gift of goodwill truly touched my soul.

I hope the future writes us as good friends.