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: Reasonably Priced 4 piece 16 ft. Spey

08-22-2002, 12:02 AM
One of a kind for your consideration-- A Jim Green 4 piece 16 ft. spey rod. In his heyday Jim gravitated more towards the 10/11 weight cannons. This is an 8/9 weight sweetheart with a wonderful velvety action which carries through from the tippy-top to the butt.

Hopkins and Holloway chrome strippers and snakes, Struble seat with cocobolo insert, nice Angler's Workshop aluminum/hard rubber knob for the butt cap. Last but not least, each guide has a sexy black/silver thread underwrap finished with four coats of LS Supreme. So what? It means your guides don't peel off when you snag a twig humping through the woods and the finish won't crack in your lifetime, that's what.
e-mail for pixs and more info.