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: NC redfish report

08-20-2002, 02:34 PM
We are still fishing the open waters of Pamlico Sound when the wind and waves will allow us. The water was not as clear later this past week as it was earlier, but we still had good fishing. We even got a fish to eat a fly on cue while Mike Zlotnicki, editor of Carolina Adventure, was snapping pictures of us from the shore. That was kind of fun! We got into a school off of one spot that we had around us for about and hour. The water was a bit murky and it was cloudy so we couldn't sight fish them this time but we caught them anyway. Could not get any of those fish to eat a fly but got them on jigs and even (shhh) live bait. On the grass flats in the creeks the reds are tailing and swimming aroudn with their backs out in 6 inches of water on the high tides with higher volume. We have been casting to fish over 30 inches every time. Notice I said casting to them, not catching them. The big ones are tough. I personally blew two shots at big fish the other night on one of the rare times that I got to fish by myself. We seem to be able to get the ones in the 24 - 26 inch range though. The Scrimp Fly seems to get the job done ( I expect this fishing (the creeks) to be good through October and the fishing in the sound to be good as long as there is not a northeast wind. I have ordered a digital camera (finally) with a zoom feature so I should have a picture of them to show off before too long (hopefully). Meanwhile check out this one from last year taken by a friend of mine:

08-20-2002, 06:29 PM
Great pic, can't wait to see more of them when you get your camera. How do reds compare with stripers do they fight as hard?

08-20-2002, 06:42 PM
The biggest stripers I have caught have been around 30 inches and the biggest red I have caught has been 31 inches. The bigger stripers I played off the reel and it was mainly a stop and go side to side kind of thing. All reds over 25 inches I have caught have run out line to the backing and the 31 incher went well into the backing and I ended up getting it in 100 yards or so from where I hooked it. Now to be fair the reds I catch are in pretty shallow water and you have to stay on top of them and move with them so they don't get you messed up in the grass. Biggest stripers I have caught have been on poppers. Biggest reds on spoonflies and my Scrimp Fly while sight casting in very shallow water. I think that the reds are stronger and it may be even more pronounced when you get to fish of over 40 inches, but it still remains to be seen for me. However the jury is still out on a final verdict...