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: Plum Island - 8/16

08-18-2002, 11:34 AM
Hit Plum Island with my son Brett - he fishing Herring on one rod, chucking a Yozuiri on the other. I threw Clousers, Decivers, and a few other things I had in the box.

Brett got two solid hits, but I assume it was schoolie size as he didn't hook up. Not very crowded - we fished just down from Captin's Lady and worked down to the point.

Well, outside of the two solid hits Brett got on the Herring, nothing else much was happening. Only saw two schoolies caught just up the beach from us. It was still good to get out and spend some time with my son on the water. He really wanted to hook up, as he didn't have a good experience when we were up in York a month or so ago.

Did not see any bait in the water, very few birds, and no fish even showing. There were about 5 boats out near the "pick", but didn't notice any rods bent.

Well, next Friday is another day.

Dave and Brett