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: North Monomoy-8/17

08-17-2002, 09:32 PM
Today had to be the hardest fishing we had... But the conditions were extraodinarily perfect....water calm..slight breeze...sun...High tide and beginning outgoing...Met JohnF., Penguin, JimW, and Fish Hawk for 8 am .. Fog in ...and used GPS to get us where we wanted to go...Fish cruising everywhere..pod here, pod there..we split up and had great distances between us... at first fished the east line got tangled on a sea gull and I had to bring it in but had nothing to throw over it's head so I cut it off at the leader and lost a good fly...that I would need.... Some kid got hooked in a boat close to us and they pulled anchor and sped out of there... 5 guys in a boat... all spin fishing at the same time... I think it sounded serious.... Used everything in the fly box ...had very frustrating follows as did all the other guys...but no takers.... It was as though the fish were taking their time to check out the fly...even quick short retreaves as they approached did not trigger a strike...but a great day anyway...Fish Hawk learned something about looking instead of casting and it was great seeing him again...Jim and Pete stayed the day and the three of us took the 12:45 back...Will be at it tomorrow again.. until I can figure out why they are so tough this year.

08-18-2002, 12:45 PM
I had a great time even though the fish were not cooperative. I missed the initial large school that some of the guys say and didn't see a fish until ~11ish. Then I started seeing some pairs and groups of 3 but no follows :( On the walk back Pete and I started seeing good sized fish swimming head on to our path. I had plenty of opportunites to make a good presentation which I think I did. The two memories I'll take into Winter where a 4' fish cruising away at an angle out of range :rolleyes: and really nice fish that turned and followed my fly until the leader hit the tip of the rod. The fish that followed was coming straight on and I can't get over how wide it was. Lot's of sand colored shrimp where I saw the most fish. Guess what I'm tying up today.:D

08-18-2002, 09:21 PM
There's something to be said about stepping off dry sand and heading off into the fog/cold rising water to trek to a potentially great spot to fish...KNOW THE AREA WELL FIRST!
Sometimes a compass is not enough...this was one of those sometimes!
It's a hoot to find a place that has the right stuff and to mark it on a hand held GPS...then go back another day and place a bit of faith in orbiting satelites and a palm full of transistors...(I flew airplanes for more years than I care to remember...the navigation gear was almost steam powered compared to these little wonders...) Anyway...

A word to the wise...Don't bite off more than you can chew and be conservative or it's easy to find yourself in a world of hurt...
Better yet, hook up with guys like the Right Honourable Mayor John or YakMeister Jim to show you the ropes on a bluebird day...take good notes and work into these foggy incoming tide hikes with an armful of caution and local knowledge, not to mention a compass/whistle/cell phone and a well thought out plan.
By the way...even though the fishing was tough, it was a GREAT day on the water and a pleasure to spend time with special friends!

When was the last time you replaced the batteries in you nav gear and innspected your "life support" equipment?!

08-19-2002, 04:49 AM
A great day on the flats. Thanks to John, the mayor of Chatham, I learned a lot about site fishing . Now I know what I've been doing wrong. It was good to meet the Penguin, Jim Walen and John. This winter I will still remember that huge pod of fish which passed us by. A site to remember.