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: yikes!!! don't take a shortcut in your boat

08-16-2002, 04:00 PM
:( MAN!!! I spent the week in Maine on an island. it was great but I hate all thos rocks!!! well, on our 5th night there we took a trip over to LLBean to blow some money. we came back later than expected...read that(DARK) ... damn, where's my searchlight? oh well, 50,000 lobster pots around, so we'll crawl at 2mph with the flashlight. now I know why you guys hate that white running light( I can't see S%$T!!!) I have the path on the plotter, but, I'll go between these 4 lobter boats to the can 200 yds out ( a shortcut) my wife asks me something, I can't hear. instead of being smart and going to neutral, I lean in to hear her. of course , now unable to see the depth creaping up... she asks me "how do you know that's not a rock coming up in the light(she could see better up front, without that bright light behind her like I had).... CRAP>>>REVERSE >>> NO >>>MY NEW BOAT >>> CRUNCH !!!!! :( what a friggin idiot am I just a bit of gelcoat (man I'm lucky that I was only crawling). so, learn from my STUPID,STUPID, mistake all you new boaters. I had gone out and marked this course in the daylight at low tide, so I knew the exact course to use. the moral is, frig LLBEAN, don't go out in rocky water without a light. and the most important one... don't get cocky. I'm lucky all this cost was $70.00 and a night in a chepo motel close by. as well as my wife's total lack of confidence in my ability to run the boat. Tom D

08-18-2002, 04:10 PM
Sorry to hear about the fender-bender but at the same time very glad you and your wife did not end up much worse off, all things considered.

safe boating all!