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: Aarrgggh! I smell humans!

Nooksack Mac
08-15-2002, 06:05 PM
We're now into what passes for "the long, hot summer" here in Pugetopia, the time of year when we share our dropping steelhead rivers with swimmers, wet-waders, and innertube-wearing, butt-bouncing downstream drifters. Can't complain on principle - Nature didn't make rivers for just one user group, but we can't dismiss the effect of so much sweaty DNA-distillate added to the water. These fish, after all, found their way back to this riffle from across the Intnl. Date Line using olfactory keenness that shames a Plott hound.
Question for debate: Based on your own experience, can you attest that waterborne peoplefunk has hindered or prevented you from hooking summer steelhead? And if so, how far downstream does the toxic zone extend?:whoa:

08-18-2002, 03:49 PM
I had to chuckle reading this, it reminded me of the day a flotilla of topless beauties riding tire tubes came by one bright summer day while I was seeking out a summer run a little too late into the morning. :p

Other than that day, I've find it a pain to have a lot of humans in the river and can only imagine the sunscreen, bugspray, who knows what is part of their presence in the river to the scent-sitive salmonids. Furthermore, I hate it the most when a group of kayakers decides to do eskimo rolls in the pool I worked my ass off to get to.

I spent my dozen blissful years of summer steelheading in Pugetopia concentrating on crack-of-dawn sorties or late afternoon outings around the upper stretches where the rubber hatch was over or well downstream pulling out for dinner. I think the fish have all that bad taste out of their mouths by then ;)