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: Rhody Hardtail Clave 2002 pick a date

08-15-2002, 08:10 AM
So what date works best for you?

Sept. 21 & 22
Sept. 28 & 29

Some details

Here (http://www.flyfishingforum.com/flytalk3/showthread.php?threadid=7409)

08-15-2002, 08:16 AM
I voted 28 / 29 since high tides are mid-day early p.m. - not sure if thats good or bad.

I can do either week-end.

08-15-2002, 08:47 AM
Either one.

08-15-2002, 08:50 AM
I'm goin for the later dates because this Clave would replace the traditional Fall Rhodeyfest (unless you hounds with more time on your hands can squeeze in another one a month later). So I'd like to get all the shorebound action we can.


Tod D
08-15-2002, 08:59 AM
I voted for 9/21, but I could do either Saturday. I'd be in for the early am drive down from MA and back again that night.

08-15-2002, 08:41 PM
Sept. 28 & 29 is best from a boat, but if you want to fish the West Wall it sucks. To fish the wall correctly you need a high tide close to sunrise. That's the best Albie spot in the state from shore. I'd bet Striblue's fly collection on that.

To my knowledge, John has never made a ocean state appearance. Most of the time he's holding court in Chatham Castle.

08-16-2002, 03:52 AM
I'm good for either date. Looking forward to catching up with all you guys!


08-16-2002, 05:32 AM
28-29 better for me but could do either. Juro are you joining us?

08-16-2002, 05:40 AM
:eyecrazy: Ray I gotta disagree, on West Wall being the best in the state. They have the fishtrap which is a pain in the butt. My vote for shore bound has to be Weekapaug or Napatree. Weekapaug is usually crowded,:( but Napatree from the short wall out to the begining of the rocks is good, just have to hit it when the fish swing in close to the beach.:smokin: With a boat it is no problem, just patience to get ahead of the hardtails, and wait.:D

08-17-2002, 02:52 PM
Sudden wedding from outa nowhere. 21st better for me.

08-17-2002, 09:45 PM
I think we should make a decision sometimes next week as too what week for the RI Clave, it looks like camping if I am reeding the replys correctly. The camping sites will have to be reserved, it might be a little harder as it is earlier than other years, but I think there will be more fish around, including hard tails. Who will be fishing from shore, cell phone numbers, it is only 4 weeks away. :eyecrazy: Who is going to cook, lets not leave it on ones shoulders, probably want some simple meals. Maybe everyone should go on a diet.:hehe: More time fishing less time eating. ArtB

08-18-2002, 12:35 PM
We need a food meister - Basically what this entails a discussion thread on the topic of what to eat when and what equipment we need. I'll make a blind cast and start a thread, let's see if we get any bites (volunteers). In the past we've had a Saturday evening meal, usually after dark, and a Sunday Brunch.

I think I can handle the list of who's going what days, nights, and put together a cell phone list.
I checked out the camping at Burlingame state park http://www.riparks.com/burlgmcamp.htm where weíve stayed in the past. They donít take reservations for tent sites but they do take reservations for cabins of which there are some available both weekends. Thereís always the option of staying in a motel for those that donít camp, you can enter the campground as a visitor for the gathering.

Art, Looks like the only date conflict is Geoff with the 21st looking better. The poll will run for a couple more days, I think itís set to 6 days from the initial post. Letís see how it looks Tuesday. I agree, letís nail down a date.

Terry, I might be up for an Oct. last blast RhodyFest type trip or hit Nickerson for the outer beaches.

08-18-2002, 04:06 PM
Sounds interesting! I would need to confirm how things are going to play out at work during that part of September before making any commitments but I would love to get involved.

For shorebound success for hardtails we can assume either the 'wall' or the west end are the best bets as Ray and Art suggest. Another consideration would be to get boats together and hit Westport MA, camping at Horseneck Beach State Park with that awesome ramp, etc. The Westport outing should be a little earlier in the month IMHO. Prior to that, a yak excursion to the very fishy spots in the upper cape south beach stretch would probably be a good hardtail appertif.

As we have learned in past outings, shore flyfishing on the Ocean State coast can be very temperamental due to winds, surf, etc. Targeting hardtails means fishing the outside, which means everything depends on the wind and surf. We'd have to have some kind of strategy to deal with these conditions if they arose.

I've always done best shorefishing for hardtails in places where they come hard into shore after bait. We would need to have a number of these locations scoped out for this to work or have enough boats involved to get to where the pods of moving fish are.


08-18-2002, 09:20 PM
:eyecrazy: I have fish for hard tails in RI for a few years, I am convinced the best areas are from Quonochotaug to Napatree. West Wall might be OK for a boat, but there is a fish trap out there, parking is sometimes a problem to fish from shore.I always like Quonochotaug, and Weekapaug Breachways on the incoming tide. Outside on the outgoing. :tsk_tsk: I have a good friend who only fishes for false albacore, I shouldn't say this, but 90% of the time he fishes Quonochotaug, 10% Weekapaug. From the short wall back of the beach club in Watch Hill to the rocks on the tip of Napatree when they are around they are always back and forth there, just the question of are you in casting distance when they come close to shore.:D It seems like some people are moving things away from the area. Good luck. Last year my recommendations was for earlier than October, and I was right on.:) I will be fishing that area all fall especially in late September.:chuckle: Who ever wants to show up you are welcome RI Shore or Kayak Clave or not. ArtB

08-18-2002, 10:00 PM
You can't get much closer to baitballs than this,

08-18-2002, 10:03 PM
nor false albacore than this

08-19-2002, 06:41 AM
Troublemaker :p
The Westport trip sounds good. Looks like there are some sites available at the campground. The Yak daytrip definitely sounds like fun. I'm a big Rhody fan so I'm hitting it sometime this fall regardless of the clave schedule. Last year the Friday before RhodyFest I hammered the bass and blues just offshore in a kayak. I also had albies rush my yak and blow right under it, I'm still not sure I can catch one in a yak or at all but it will be fun to try. Unfortunately that big swell came in Friday night and blew out the fishing for Saturday. When out on Art jr. boat Sat. Fliboy, SteveL and I saw albies galore. Sunday Art calls me on the cell (thanks):D Watch hill beach is getting some action. I get there and no body on shore is hooking up, they are just out of surfcasting range, maybe 2 casts out. I get out in the yak and hook up on blues, then the albies go flying by again. :rolleyes: This tunoid fishing equates to trying to cast at a racketball, they move.

08-20-2002, 12:35 PM
No clue if I can make it or not....but please throw me on the list once you've selected a date...likely I could drive down and fish on the 2 days.

Art -- can't remember the name of the ramp, but the last access @ little Napatree in RI....did she sell it and any idea if one can still launch there?



FWIW, we were catching albies off Napatree the last weekend of October...

08-20-2002, 01:02 PM
Cool pic! Nice to hear the albies were around so late. Sounds like the 28th & 29th would be a good bet. Miester - Art, has the local knowledge and can probably answer the ramp question.

08-20-2002, 01:42 PM
Art -

You've read me all wrong - I am talking about three different hardtail events between now and the end of the season. The first on select access points between Hyannis and Woods Hole in August; the second at Westport involving boats and possible camping in early September; the third on Rhody's south coast in late September.

I have some questions on #3, I will PM you offline.


08-20-2002, 02:01 PM
Art- that baitball picture really gets my blood flowing. Would a 14' Aluminum boat be of any use around Napetree? (based on good weather conditions of course).

Hi Juro- welcome back.


08-20-2002, 09:29 PM
:hehe: Jared, your mailbox is full.:eyecrazy: That ramp you are talking about is Greenhaven Marina, it was sold, but my son still keeps his boat there, and the woman is still running it for the new owner. I'm going down that way tomorrow, if any changes will let you know.

08-20-2002, 09:50 PM
:) Lefty, I am going to try and answer you. First there are 14 foot boats, and 14 foot boats. How much freeboard do you have?:cool: I get out sometimes in a rubber inflatable. There is many times when even an 18 foot boat isn't big enough, especially athe mouths of the breachways, and areas like off Watch Hill, it depends much on the weather. There is quite a few places down that way where a 14 foot boat would be very handy. Like in Little Narragansett Bay. Where my son keeps his boat Greenhaven Marina is a short run to Little Narragansett Bay and Napatree. I think personally the ramp fees are pretty steep,$10 in and $10 out. Other years I had something set up cheaper, because I expect more boats:o and I felt bad for the lady when no one showed up. There is as I understand a good state of CT. down near Stonnington called the Barn Island Ramp. This will get you in Little Narragansett Bay also, never been there, but I understand it can be pretty shallow, and there is some rocks. :tsk_tsk: Quonochotaug has a ramp that is actually on the breachway at the month of the pond. It is a ramp that is lined with rocks, but many fishermen use it every day. Some do get in trouble on the outside in the ocean, but if you use caution it is doable If it is not to rough. If it gets rough just stay in the pond , fish the small group of rocks opposite the ramp. also fish the channel which is marked in the pond. On an incoming tide it can be good fishing. So far this year I have had better fishing in the pond than outside.:) Hope this helps Lefty. Any questions let me know I will try to answer them.

08-21-2002, 12:47 AM
Count me in for this one too, although not cast in stone. I could possibly do the saturday night dinner or maybe breakfast. Either way I can help out there provided I get the green light for the weekend. I like the 21st better for the full moon and tides, hopefully increasing productive time on the water.


08-21-2002, 08:43 AM
Thanks Art. I have no appetite for passing through any of those breachways. All I can picture is 3 foot rollers coming in way up the channel:eyecrazy:
I was thinking more of the Napetree area down to the point. Was hoping to launch in the Westerly area, but it sounds like there's no ramp there. My boat is a typical 14 ALuminum. I got the lower transom but some decent side height. I blast as far as a mile or more off shore on FAC days. But in general my impression of Rhodey is- "leave the boats home".


08-21-2002, 10:34 AM
So what's the date going to be? We've had quite a bit of input and discussion. You're the meister..... You call it.

Clavers need to know ;)

08-21-2002, 09:31 PM
:) I guess the majority rules, very close one, almost to close to call. 7 to 6 Hope we picked a good weekend.
See if I can hid a report here.:D I went south today, without my sunscreen.:o I got to Quonochotaug about 7 AM stayed until 8:30 AM I didn't see anything. The tide was almost high. I had to stop and see my son, to find out what was happening. After that I went back to Quonny, again the westside. When I got to RIMS property I saw a friend fishing talked to him, he told me that when I left at 8:30, some bonita came right in to the shore, and hung around for about 20 minutes. I asked him if he was sure they were Bonita he said yes, they were within 5 feet of him several times, while he didn't catch any today he did a couple of days ago. I went to the Breachway West Wall, got there as the tide started out. There was 3 guys fishing where I like to fish, so I mostly watched. Offshore there was fish activity, but it was pretty spread out except There was a blitz about a 300 yards east of the East Wall at Quonny it was a large one, I believe it was Bluefish, but not sure. While I was there four kayaks went out of the breachway, and while sometimes they were in the middle of small groups of fish I never saw them hookup, they were using spinning gear.:rolleyes: The only fish I caught was a couple of undersize flounders., So the 4 Penny fly has now taken all species around there except False Albacore, and Bonita, that will come.:smokin: The 3 guys left so I could get in the spot I like, but the fish that were breaking never came within casting distance.:( Lefty it is funny that we were talking about bait balls, well it is starting to happen I saw a few small baitballs about 5 feet in diameter. I was in the wrong spot as the bonita came in about 4 times up the beach about 500 yards. Guess what? they were slashing those bait balls.:D They was some large fish breaking offshore, but they only showed once in awhile. From what I noticed today was if the fish come into a certain area stay there awhile they might be back. ArtB

08-22-2002, 09:32 AM
Grego reminded me last night that the tides are better on the 21st weekend. I looked at the chart and it says:

Sep 21 HT 8:59 am
Sep 28 HT 1:19 am

What do you think? Wouldn't the incoming at dawn be better?

08-22-2002, 10:52 AM
If it's a "hardtail" clave then dawn or no dawn shouldn't make much of a diff...are you suggesting we count up all the votes and then do something DIFFERENT Terry????

I am shocked!

:hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

08-22-2002, 11:33 AM
I demand a recount.:chuckle:

Just making sure that tide was considered. But iffin it's hardtail we after Jared is right. But still-low tide at dawn? Yuk. I say give Art a chance to respond to the tide question. Then go with the vote. According to Art and Ray's comments earlier in the thread, incoming from shore works best. Boats, are more flexible. Is this a boating clave? I doubt it.

Art? Tides?

08-22-2002, 12:07 PM
Just for the record, I believe I clicked on the 28 in the poll But after looking at the tides and the moon I prefer the 21st. How were the votes tallied? Verbally or by the poll?


08-22-2002, 12:39 PM
We should probably account for the shore bound angler where the votes are sooooo close Art may change his decision based on tide info. In fact now that Greg has defected from the 28th:hehe: doesn't that swing it to the 21st. What ever the tide, we'll have a blast. I say we let Art decide which is the best weekend regardless of votes. It's called a hardtail clave but I'd like to get into some Monster Bass too.

08-22-2002, 12:46 PM
:D If after hardtails I find that inside the breachways the incoming is when they run a few hundred yards up Quonny, and Weekapaug. From Watch Hill to Napatree, Idon't think it makes much difference. The tides in Quonny are about 2 hours later.:confused: For instance I was there yesterday at Quonny The chart I have made up by The Weekapaug Bait & Tackle Shop listed the tide yesterday at Watch Hill as high at 8:05 AM the tide was high at 10 AM. and was just starting out at the first parking area on the Quonochotaug Breachway, that should confuse you. My understanding was that it was a Clave with boats, kayaks, and shore. I had roughed out a trip with kayaks starting at Bay St. Watch Hill, and ending up at Watch Hill Beach. This should make for a teriffic chance to catch a couple of hardtails.:smokin: As far as the date goes it was a 7 against 6 vote, there was several that didn't vote as it made no difference to them.;) I was one that didn't vote. I said the 28 th because Jim W said for me to decide. Call for another vote, but do it now! Lets get the show and all the decisions on the road. :D Including boats, kayaks, and shore. Unless there is room for everyone in boats or kayaks I will stay on the shore, and try and help spot the locations of the fish. We should be in go position with cell phones because most guys have one, and we then don't broadcast to everyone who has nothing to do with flyfishingforum RI Clave ArtB:smokin:

08-22-2002, 01:52 PM
There is is then, the 28th. I'll put together a sign up sheet by Monday that will help us plan things and allow those attending to access the phone list.

08-22-2002, 03:19 PM
Originally posted by Lefty
Sep 28 HT 1:19 am

Not sure what location this is for, but it puts low tide at ~ 07:45. The end of Napatree is AWESOME during the bottom half of the tide (and the beach aint bad either!). Wish I could join you :( .


08-22-2002, 03:30 PM
gotta agree with Quentin on this one....at low tide you can get MUCH farther out at the end of Napatree than you might try otherwise (and the tunoids ain't likely to be scratching amongst the rocks like the striped ones will)....

Terry -- I wouldn't rule out you bringing your boat along...if conditions are calm enough, it should be no problem for you to launch it either at one of the breachways or past Napatree and then come back up around.