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: RI Yak, and Shorebound Clave

08-14-2002, 06:26 AM
:smokin: Here is my thoughts for a RI Clave if anyone is interested. First make it one of the last two weekends in September. Doing this is going to get you into some of the best RI fishing of the year. Stripers,Blues, and above all False Albacore.Having it in September allows maybe the catching of False Albacore, ::cool: They will at least be there, the rest is up to you. The beaches will be open to vehicle travel, with a permit. One will be able to park at the parking lot near the yacht club indowntown Watch Hill. Launch kayaks in Little Narragansett Bay fish the bay, if a decent day paddle around Napatree Point paddle down to the jetty near the beach club, if to tired to continue take out and with help be able to carry your kayak over the dunes back to the parking lot. This in my opinion would give you plenty of opportunity to get into hardtails as well as stripers. For thwe ones that are physical fit you could continue around Watch Hill Point and take out at Watch Hill Beach.:D This gentlemen would give you a very realistic shot at the best fishing in RI at this time period. I personally will see that your fishing the south coast of RI will make you believers of fishing in September in RI.:D ArtB who is interested?