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: 8/12 Eastern CT Report - Tiny Tunas Near Shore!

08-12-2002, 11:53 PM
I checked a couple of shoreline spots in eastern CT on Monday. Saw quite a few breaking fish from the start of the flood through high slack, then nothing. Some of them were definitely albies and/or bonito. Action was sporadic but they came close enough often enough to keep me interested. I didn't catch any, although I did hook one briefly on a #2 white bunny. I had just casted and the fish splashed twice right near my fly. Made a couple of strips, saw another splash, fish on! :D I waited for it to start peeling line but it just went in little circles for a few seconds and then headed straight at me. Fish off :( Only had a couple more shots after that and then they stopped coming around. Absolutely loads of bait around, including massive schools of juvie pogies about 1" long. The bait went unmolested all afternoon until the stripers started picking at them just before sunset. I made a few casts at the stripers before I had to leave but they didn't even seem to notice my fly. :rolleyes: