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: Closer, but no tuna

08-11-2002, 10:33 AM
We were off Nauset @ 5:30 AM yesterday in the middle of bait birds & whales when the first tuna slammed through. Too far away to cast, there & gone.

A few hours later, 20 miles out a pod of giants blows by. We trolled the area for a while, marking huge schools of bait & whales @ 120', got a slap on a daisy chain (?) squid lure, no hook up. A little later a Mann's plug running at about 25' gets snapped off, didn't even see it, just heard the snap, turned & found the braided line twisting in the wind. Either one of the giants hit it or a whale has a nice new body piercing.

Had a huge school of porpoise blow through, mistaken for tuna for a mintue or so as we headed towrds them on a crash course...
a good rush.

Back to where we started off Nauset and we find a boat hooked up on spin tackle and in one hell of a punching match as they took turns on the rod - hope those guys landed the fish.

Had a school pop up a few more times too far to cast to.

Bob landed a beautiful 40" striper and a few others as well as some fiesty blues & the occasional dogfish. I got the occasional blue & now know how to release dogfish.

Interesting side note. after hooking a few blues on spin Bob suggests we turn to the fly rods since the fish were on the top of the water column, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE FLY RODS!! I might be starting to lose my love for the fly rod after 19 years... sometimes if you want to catch fish you have to use techniques you just can't match with a fly. Love, is a fickle thing...

Hope you all had a prosperous weekend as well.


08-11-2002, 03:26 PM
Jeff, sounds like you had a blast.

Bob Pink
08-11-2002, 07:26 PM
In spite of the base assumption that I still don't really know what the heck I'm doing with this BFT tuna chase it does feel like we're getting closer. Jeff & I agreed that we best get some experience (hopefully) fighting one of these fish on conventional gear before we try the flyrod so the day's efforts revolved around trolling and casting some heavy-duty spinning gear. Nice to actaully see the fish this trip, that alone continues to give me hope. Let alone the assumption that we had two knock-downs on the gear we were using.
But I hate trolling. ( at least in my boat 'cause it's not really set up to draw enough attention. Only two lines isn't much od a spread! )
Makes for a long day, thanks for your patience Jeff! It's gonna happen soon, I can feel it now.

Jeff, Audry & I went back down to that clamming spot this am wit the yak. Banged out a mixed basket of littlenecks, c-stones and stuffies in about an hour. Made my first baked stuffed quohaugs with littlenecks on the half shell for tonights supper. Life is real good!

08-11-2002, 07:43 PM
Sounds like you guys are getting closer. Keep the reports coming. One of these report will be how you guys hooked up and landed one. The first one by someone on this forum that I know of. Hang in there and good luck!