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: North Monomoy-8/10

08-10-2002, 07:13 PM
Met Fred and Jimmy for the 8 am shuttle... tide just starting to come in...saw fish up in the pool of the west crib.... Hooked one after following a pod from the incoming canal..cast small sand eel ..pod disapears in a hole then a hook up with a 26 or 27 incher... as the tide moved in we worked our way down to the east... did not see as many fish as Wednesday..but the tide was 2 hours off... we had to leave for the 12:45 shuttle... and Fred says he did not want to leave as he started seeing fish move from the canal, in and out from the flat.... 12 flyfishermen in the crib today...crowded...but the 3 of us moved away into the east canal first. Juro and Jeff B head to Brewster instead. Yesterday, Jeff and I head out with Todd and a film crew....yes... a film crew working with Todd... head out 7 miles off south beach...nothing except a small blitz of blues with one hook....nothing...we were suppose to go off Scortons creek but the north wind made conditions too difficult. The film crew is a company that does all the Orvis videos.... (I had my ascot on.:hehe: ). I hook a large fish..a Striper I am sure just off south cell phone goes off, it's my office and the slight let up on the rod forces him I got a lot of s**t from Todd and Jeff for that.

08-11-2002, 08:28 AM
Nice to finally get out to Monomoy and see John and Jim. Kieth, of course, had to hold up our departure. Apparently there was a line at the Monomoy Cafe. One of the perks, I guess, for being the Right Honorable Striblue - having the shuttle wait for you. John corrected me when I commented on his ascott, "it's a kerchief!".

Saw and had shots at lots of fish including a couple of pigs but couldn't buy a bite.

Went to the bayside this morning. Picked up a schoolie blind casting early then nothing. Didn't see a thing. And there is mung now on the bayside. Picked the stuff off my fly and leader 2 out of every 3 casts.