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: Great Lakes FF Prepare for Battle

08-10-2002, 08:12 AM
The chrome warriors will be staging at the river mouths in the next two weeks along with the king salmon, will be the many skammania steelhead which were delayed by the heat in june and july.

Prepare your self for battle. The finest fishing of the year is about to begin along with football season. Catch them at the river mouths and follow them upstream through out the fall and winter. They are predicting bigger salmon and steelhead due to the very mild winter we had allowing them to feed heavily all winter in the lakes.

What a great time of the year. There will be steelhead in the rivers all the way to next May.

Thank you god for giving me the sense to take that corporate transfer from the east coast in 1979 and relocate to the upper midwest.

Oh yes don't forgot all of the other fine fly fishing opportunities for trout, bass, pike/muskies, carp, etc....

Tight lines to all