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: Fly, wire, mono connection. (One of many ways)

05-29-2001, 06:46 PM
What is the best way to connect American Wire Co. braided stainless steel to your leader/tippet. All the knots I tied broke. I don't know how to do a Bimini twist. I
end up with a loop-to-loop. What do you recommend? Thanks, Mike

Start off with a 12-inch piece of wire. Could try tying the wire to the fly with a surgeonís loop. This gives the fly a little more action. Personally I don't think the
small amount of additional action makes a difference with Blues. Plus, I think the larger knot could make a Striper think twice about hitting it. I like the clinch knot. It
takes a little more time, as you have to manipulate it a bit to tighten it. I always tie these up at home and not on the water, so time is not important. This knot is small
enough that I can even catch Stripers on it at this time of the year. Then tie on a 3-foot piece of 15 lb. Fluorocarbon to the wire using an Albright knot. This knot is
used when attaching 2 different materials together that are of vastly different diameters. Like Backing to Fly line, etc... The fluorocarbon is used to increase the odds
of hooking a striper by cutting down on the visibility of the leader. Roll this up and place it in a plastic bag. If Mr. Blue shows up, clip off several feet of you leader
and tie this on with a surgeons knot. Its quick, fast and you will still be able to catch Stripers.