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08-05-2002, 07:45 PM
Saw Big Daves report and saw a good number of schools Dave and the funny thing is that I caught a blue from the flats hole in the crib...lipped hooked him so was able to land him. On Sunday, went to North again with Jimmy...probably the only place where the breeze helped with the heat...bueatiful day and conditions perfect...but did not see anything...Jimmy saw one... Last night Jeff Borkowski called and we had dinner at the Chathan Squire with my two boys... He is here for the week so we will be getting together...the good news is that I did not fish today but went to the light house with my coffee around 8:30 and ran into Jeff who came up short but told me thay Jimmy had caught 5 stripers from south beach on the incoming about 6 AM... TWO WERE KEEPERS.... I am hoping this is the sign of a turn around...anyway now Jimmy is starting to aggrevate me;) not just Penguin. I will be there tomorrow at 4 am to fish the whole of the early incomming.