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: Chatham 8/3

08-05-2002, 08:18 AM
Made it out to North on Saturday and was greeted by spectacular conditions. Light breeze, sunshine, perfect temps. Spotted some singles in the AM but could not get them to eat. Did finally spot some nice sized pods just before the low but could not make a good presentation from where I was standing.

Took a walk and did some blindcasting with a big half/half. Made my first cast, stopped to fumble with something in my pocket, looked up and the line was taking off. Set the hook, saw the flash of a big blue, and was bit off :(

Tied on some wire, and on the very next cast, connected :p

Not a huge fish, but he did a nice backflip before coming to hand. Made my day.

Saw Striblue on the 8am RipRyder. How did it go, John?