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: B-bay 8/4

08-04-2002, 10:09 AM
I got out in B-bay this am 5-7. There were some juvi herring ~2" small silversides and some real small pogy profile bait. The schoolies seemed to be keying in on that tiny stuff. A small bonito bandit with silver flash on a quick frequent short strip did the trick. The fish were numberous but small, nothing over 20". I read on another board that the absence of herring in the canal and I suppose elsewhere was being attributed to the low water levels. The fry could not make it to the ocean. That big rain we had last week must have got things going. Now there's tons of bait.
I was hoping to hit Chatham but with reports of mung I figured, keep it local. There are some big floats of eel grass in b-bay but easy enough to avoid.
BTW - The surface action shut down around 6:30