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: 7/25-8/1 S.E. Cape Wade Fishing Report

08-02-2002, 06:15 AM
Where the land ends LIFE begins

Southeast Cape Cod Inshore Wade Saltwater Fly/Spin Fishing Report's and Ramblings:
I hope you find my reports and articles entertainingly informative and mildly educational

Scheduled Days off- Vacation, during these slowwwww tides.
Lots of mung and the fishing has been slow for us. Big fish around if you know where to look. A few smaller fish are also available.
Good Luck,

8/1 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
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Bill only had 2 hours to sight fish and he made the best of his time. With-in 20 seconds of me saying, we could see them at anytime in this spot. I was calling out fish to him. Then another and another. I stationed Bill on my ladder to fish from, to give him a visual advantage. He was seeing them pretty good. The last cast was made before he had to leave and a nice 15 lb. bass ate it. But on the run the hook pulled lose. During the time Bill was sight fishing on his own, I was in the shallows teaching Roland the art of fly fishing. During this time we had 2 schools of about 20 fish each (all around 10 lb. bass) pass between Bill and ourselves. It was exciting to watch, as they were continually tailing, rolling and slurping on the available bait as they swam by us in 2 feet of water, very slowly.

Roland picked up false casting and then shooting it after the mornings lesson. We ventured out onto the flats to sight fish. No blind casting here. If we could not see them, they simply were not there and no cast's were made. Glad there were a good number of big fish around traveling shallow as we never waited long for another shot. If we were not seeing them here, we moved 200 feet and found a whole new batch of fresh fish to cast too. Once they realized we were there and moved out, we walked and found some more. Roland had some good shots at'm and also a good number of cast's at some big'ns. We came up empty for the day, but had a fun time trying!

One thing that is blatantly obvious presently, is that there is FINALLY a good amount of bait present. This is one thing some of us have been noticing a lack of for the last month! Bait-silversides and sand lances. . Sandlances are schooled or hiding in the soft sand. Silver sides are all schooled up They have been shallow in good numbers, in several different locations. The fish are keying in on both bait's. Especially where there is moving water, bringing them their next meal. (Compressed water flow)

7/31 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

We waded into about 1 foot of water in the AM. I asked Howard to stack his line in his basket
and get ready. We could see them at anytime. No sooner had I finished that sentenced did I say
"3 Fish, 1 O'clock, 50 feet, going left." Howard looked at me with a questionable look on his
face. He said, ok, so that's how you'll call out the fish for me? I said no, there ARE fish
there. Cast! He made a fumbling attempt to get a quick cast off and almost hooked me in the
process. Wouldn't you know it if one of those fish ate it. The hook was set and then it pulled
lose on the run. We both laughed. I put Howard on my ladder so he could sight fish on his own.
Dan wanted to learn to fly fish today so after about an hour of instruction he was throwing it
50-60 feet. Not fast, but it was going out. I kept an eye on Howard the whole time and he was
seeing fish and getting shots at fair number. He could not believe the size and quantity he
was seeing. I could tell he was having fun because his grin was ear to ear!

After the AM push of big bass we decided to try a different spot that rarely gets any fishing
pressure. I explained that these would be some fresher fish and should eat a lil better.
And "that" they did. These were all fish in the 10-15lb. and a couple 20 lb'ers. Both Howard
and Dan broke off a fish each and Howard dropped a couple more. We never waited very long for
singles and doubles to swim within 20-40 feet of us. Both of my guest's had never sight fished
before and this was Dan's first time fly fishing. No fish landed today, but it sure was fun
trying. We all agreed that today was a success, in many way's.

Looks like I have today off. Hmmmm, maybe I'll go fishing? .

7/29 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Tom and I had a fun, exciting day out. Started out slow. We worked the same, first 2 spots as yesterday, were we had hit fish. But today after a short time of nothing, we got out of there. They just weren't there today. (Or at least in any numbers)
Noticed about 1,000 seals on the dry sand. The last time I saw that many in one spot was this Spring when they first moved in. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?
Then the wind died, sun came out and we went sight fishing. Saw lots of big fish in very shallow water through out the rest of the day. Talk about exciting!!. A lot were being very fussy eaters. But did manage to get some schoolies and a couple keepers. The biggest was 35 inch's. No pictures of the biggest one because , well, Tom sort of dropped it as I was getting ready to photograph it. He dove for it with both arms wrapping around it and it feel through. Then I went for the tail and had it for a second until I lost it. We both laughed as we watched it swim away slowly.

(See Photo's)

Just a couple photo's of some of today's fish. Congrats!!

7/28 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

Jeff and son Theo (10 years old) had a blast. They hit fish in 3 out of 4 spots! A couple keepers
and the rest schoolies

(See Photo's - www.yankeeangler.com - fishing reports)

Quality time's and memories that will last a lifetime for both father and son.

7/26 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through the alley. (Anonymous)

Joe and Ray had never fished these often written about and famous flats. But were ready to give them their best shot. As we approached our first destination I noticed the bottom was moving? Hmmmm. The light was still a little flat in the A.M. and a few low hanging clouds caused the visibility to be less than perfect. Fortunately due to the size of the bass, I could see that it was a school of about 50 or more good ones. They laid their flies out across the flat and worked them back in with a fever. Joe just had a bump, but missed him. Ray just had a hit and missed it. Joe re-cast's and is hooked up to a schoolie. Ray gets another hit and misses it.

The sun finally came out strong and my guests were witness to why these flats are legendary. They simply were besides themselves on the size and number of bass we were seeing.
In another location I noticed a better number of fish around than yesterday. We got a few shots at them, but no takers. Saw a couple of those 20 lb., 4 foot logs swimming by.
Time for lunch, so I suggested we eat at another location where we would very possibly see fish swimming by at our feet. No sooner had we sat down on a sand bar for lunch did a parade of bass pass us by. This parade kept up for a steady 20 minutes while we all kept pointing, looking and laughing as they passed by our feet at our amusement. Some were as close as 10 feet. It was like looking into an aquarium. A fair number of these fish were keepers.

After lunch Ray was getting very cold due to a "falling in the water" mishap, so we decided to call it an early day. Its no fun to do anything if you are uncomfortable.
As we walked back across these legendary flats that were flooding, we stopped about 6 times to look around in amazement at the ever changing colors of sand, water and sky . Big sky country is what Ray and Joe called it. Ray suggested we should build a Holiday Inn at this spot. Look at all this prime real-estate not being used. I almost smacked him! (he-he)

7/25 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
As Jim and I walked to the first spot we both wondered what it might be holding. At first look it resembled a vacant lot. We moved 100 feet and looked again. After a couple of cast's to some fishy water, we rang the door bell but no one was home. Moved again another 100 feet and found the party! 75 or so keeper bass and a few smaller welcomed us in. Only the smaller bass would eat. Had the usual follows, second glances and refusals form the biggest. I guess they didn't like my cologne. Once our welcome was worn out we made for greener pastures.
Hit another schoolie in the new spot and saw a few bigger hanging around.
3rd flat we saw one here and one there, nothing to write home about. Nothing ate.
4th location produced a couple of fish and about 4 short strikes. Must be those rubber hooks Im using?
Fishing was so-so with 6 schoolies coming to hand. Had shots at a good number of bigger bass. Tomorrow I'll be trying some different area's. Hoping to put my guest's into the hungriest, biggest and most fish, as always.
Noticed for the first time this year an abundance of "Monkey Fur" in a fast moving channel. Heard it was at Nauset, then South Beach. I guess with these N.E. winds it blew down south and it came around the corner on the incoming. Can't wait for the S.W. wind again, so it can all blow right back where it came from! Some neighbors I have. Sending their trash down my way! (he-he)
Strong N.E. winds yesterday with continued N.E. until tomorrow. We love it when it blows N.E. in July and August, as it blows the warmer water out and is replaced with cooler.

See you all later - on this never ending fishing trip,