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08-01-2002, 01:01 PM
Saturday, July 27, 2002: Change in the wind and weather made all of the difference today. Ed Constantini, his friend Jerry "Doc" Thompson and his sons, Jacob and Jeff from Minnesota were treated to an outstanding day of fly and light tackle fishing in the Inner Harbor. Aside from Ed, the Minnesota contingent had never fished for striped bass. We found a nice pod of fish at first light off the Deer I rip where Jeff landed and released a 31 incher on a 5" albino shad color Bass Assasin. All on board boated fish until we lost the tide. Ed preferred using my Orvis T3 and caught a number of schoolie bass on the lavender/gray half and half. By mid-morning, the bass found the schools of herring we had been seeing on the Deer I flats. They came up big time and it was non-stop action for the next 2 1/2 hours! Jeff ended the day with a nice 31 1/2" linesider released to fight another day.

Sunday, July 28, 2002: Every day is a different day on the water...Although the crew from Minnesota didn't experience the bass blitz of yesterday, they
were consistently into schoolie bass and small blues all morning long. No big fish were taken today even though we worked hard to find them. Ed had good luck with a chartreuse/white half and half as well as the gray/lavender one fished on a 350 Depth Charge line. As for the spin fishers, sluggos and shad assasins were effective fished on a 1/2 oz jig head. For the blues in skinny water, unweighted sluggos were the ticket.

Monday, July 29, 2002: David Segel, his 8 year old daughter Stephanie, and David's colleague Gene, joined me today for some fly and light tackle fishing. Stephanie not only caught the first fish of the day (all by herself) but the most and biggest, as well! We started the day catching small bluefish on jigs and soft pastics, as well as white sluggos and chartreuse clousers. We ended the morning wih a bunch of bass on the Deer I. flats. Although Stephanie had hoped to fly fish, it was too windy for an 8 year old to wave an 8 wt rod. However, she picked up the light, 6 1/2' spinning rod with no problem and I'm sure next season she'll be ready for the long wand.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002: Although Ben Holden and colleague, Alex, were anticipating striped bass fishing, it was a great morning for bluefishing in Quincy Bay. With virtually flat calm conditions, poppers were the ticket for some exciting strikes, near misses, and many small blues on light tackle. The action died a couple hours before low tide and then it was a waiting game to see if the bass would come up like the day before on the flats. Just like clockwork, the bait and bass showed on the flats @ one hour into the coming tide. Both Ben and Alex used jigs and soft platics to land and release a bunch of schoolies before heading back to the barn. A nice way to end the trip...

July 31, 2002: For Ben Holden and his clients it was mainly a day for catching blues on poppers. The action was fast and furious a couple hours into the
going tide. However, it was also short lived and spotty after 30 minutes of solid hook ups and one nice bass who spit the plug at boatside. After burning much gas in search of bass and blues, we returned to the spot where we found the blues earlier in the morning. Just in time for a few more blues before heading back to the marina.

August 1, 2002: It was a perfect day today... No wind, blue skies, very few boats, and lots of big blues and bass! Paul Lynch treated his nephew Doug from Tennessee to an outstanding morning of light tackle fishing. We started the morning catching some small blues at first light on the inside. A call from one of my recreational friends alerted me to large schools of bluefish and bass on the outside. Within minutes, Paul and his nephew were hooked up to numerous fish including a nice 10 lb. blue on an 8 wt. and fat 35" 18 pound linesider on light tackle. Most of the fish today were taken on poppers.

Until next week, we'll see you out there...

Capt. Wayne Frieden