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: Boston Harbor & South Shore-Striper-7/31/02

B-Fast Charters
08-01-2002, 07:06 AM

Good surface action for both bass and blues has followed the passage of last weeks low and Nor’east winds. The early morning out-going tides produced best however there was a flurry just after the turn in mid-morning.

Quincy Bay has been the center of the morning surface activity with silversides and small herring the attraction. Fly rodders have had the best success with 2/0 and 3/0 chartreuse Half & Half’s fished down with 350-400 DepthCharge line. This was the case for the split-charter of Deano Romanow of Framingham and Grayson Holloway, picked-up at Rowe’s Wharf in Boston on Monday. Dean fished the Half & Half pattern most of the morning and caught exclusively bass between 20 and 27 inches. Taking a break from the long-rod due to the 20-knot winds, Grayson switched to light-spinning gear with Texas-rigged, white slug-gos. Grayson caught one bluefish after another on this surface presentation while Dean caught only bass on the fly--from the exact same spot! Grayson’s best fish was his first keeper and personal best 31-inch bass.

Perry Harris of Hingham, MA, a world traveling fly-fisherman, had the same luck in Quincy on his flat-calm, Tuesday morning trip. Bass and blues were swirling on the surface chasing bait-fish. Once again, the chartreuse Half & Half produce well sub-surface. White and pink sliders worked early, however Gartside’s white Gurgler size 2/0 was the best producer, cast to the fish on Wonderline. It was interesting to find that most of the strikes came when the gurglers were absolutely still, between strips. We have found this to be true in years past, when the bass have been very selective and feeding on peanut-bunker. The best fish of the morning and the week took a Half and Half. It tipped the scales at 18 pounds and was 38 inches. After a photo-op the bass was promptly released.

John Schoenbauer of Center Harbor, NH and friends Bill and Tom experienced the same fishing in the Harbor as well as the South Shore’s hospitality. First stop for the group was Scituate’s Barker Tavern for their famous swordfish, then a night at the Cohasset Harbor Resort, as a prelude to the sport fishing. The bass and blues were again cooperative. Fly casters did well with the sub-surface presentations. However, rookie Tom stole the show with the light-spinning gear, catching both bass and blues, much to John’s chagrin. On the return trip to Cohasset Harbor, Tom, adding salt to the wound, slammed a 35 inch, 15 pound linesider from the rocks of Minot’s Ledge.

Capt, Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters