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: Fly Tier's Wet Dream!!!!!!!!!!

07-29-2002, 08:31 PM
Well, I guess it depends on the fly tier. Was out running some errands at work. Working light duty thanks to a flare up of my discs in my neck. Had to meet a driver to drop off a few misc. stops to him right near a Taxidermist. Thought I'd meander in and see what's inside.

Man. Did I score. Asked if they had any scraps, and they said "Sure!". Grabbed out a big box and told me to find what I wanted, pick the size piece, and they'd quote me a price. Well, these were a mixture of some REALLY old furs and some newer pelts. Got a big piece of elk hide, mixture of side and belly fur, maybe a 2' x 2' (yes feet). Then, got an almost as big piece of grizzly fur. Then a slightly smaller piece of black bear fur. Got the whole thing for just under $10!!!!!!! :) Then here's the topper. He told me he was going to be triming up an antique polar bear rug for a customer. Shot somewhere in the 1800's. Well, he is going to let me have first shot at all the trimmed off pieces (he said most range in the 1' x 3" scraps). Will basically give to me. I double asked, and he assured me all fur was legal, he'd be out of business fast if he was dealing illegal furs. What a day. Now I have quite the supply of bear hair (which will go fast) and more grizzly then I'd figure I'd see (may go and buy what he has left).

Wooooohooooo. And who said being nice doesn't count for anything?????

07-30-2002, 06:48 AM
Wow! If any of those polar fibers are too long for ya, send them out to the east coast FF tyers would ya? :devil:

Nice score!

08-01-2002, 11:24 PM
Great score!!! Glad to hear you got it.

It is amazing what you find sometimes in a taxidermy shop. This stuff is just scap and junk to them. Over the years I've found some really nice stuff in them. Dye the polar bear and use it instead of deer tail or calf tail. It has a unique way with light that fish find attractive. An old stainless steel pot, some ivory clear dish soap, and a good dye (not RIT) is all you need.

08-01-2002, 11:59 PM
I know about using the RIT dyes, some I use only because I get some nice colors that others won't (or I just know the right mixture). But I usually use good dyes for my dying needs. BUT, how in the world do you bleach something white (or near white)? I know dark colors usually won't bleach all out white, but will lighten up. I have some pelts I want to bleach white first so I can dye to colors I want. Have some raccoon that is great dyed for palmering. But problem is I can't seem to get a decent solution to bleach it at all without ruining it. I know about the burning aspect, but having a problem in that dept. In past, I'm normally dying black (which I bleach a brown usually, then black) or are white already and I just custom dye.

Hmmmmmm, only time will tell if I get this figured out before I ruin all my raccoon pelts.

08-02-2002, 12:11 AM

You can bleach to white or nearly white, which is just as good for dying, by goin to your local hair salon supply company and getting two things: 1) some of their Lady Clairol Professional Bleach and 2) some 20% by volume Peroxide. Mix according to the directions in a stainless steel pot, work it in with latex or vinyle gloves on, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then sinse it well and if it has bleached out, give it a vinegar rinse to stop any further bleaching.

You can also do this by putting it in regular peroxide for about 4 days. This won't hurt the hide and it will bleach it to a very light ginger. Also, some of the best dye is the acid dye stuff you find in craft supply stores.