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: jeff roop and heavy petting!!!

Bob Pink
07-28-2002, 07:07 PM
Well, the secret's out. Our own Jeff Roop has finally gone over the picatorial edge so to speak.. Must be the crazy season, no more big girl bar, no more mecca, what's a fishing freak like Jeff supposed to do?

We're out this morning off Nauset and see a large fin lazily waving through the water, it's a Mola of course and since it had been one of the very few fish we saw up until that point, we thought we'd get closer look.

I cut the engine, our drift will bring us within 4-5' and as we drift past, Jeff leans over the side and starts tapping on the hull of the boat. Some fishy morse code! Next thing the mola turns and comes up alongside the boat....

It's a good 3.5 - 4 long and about the same across, next thing I see Jeff reaching over to pet it! "Hmmm, feels a bit like plywood!" our adventurer reports. He stops short of trying to rig a bridle with my bow line and take this creature for a quick spin.

In all fairness to Jeff I have to come clean as well, I didn't try to pet it but I did try an experiment. I'd had more than one offshore fisherman tell me that a mola could clear the water on a jump. Didn't believe it could happen.... well! I drifted a sluggo jig head across it's face once or twice, finally getting the hook to just catch at the corner of it's mouth. No hookset, just some stready pressure. Enough to begin to turn the mola around towards the other side. It starts to recognize that there's something up and engages reverse thrusters by expelling a large amout of water from it's mouth 2 or 3 times which causes it to back away. I give the jig a little ping to pull it free and the mola turns on a dime and takes off at bluefish speed away from the boat, amazing! Then it get's about 25' away and breaches! Just about cleared the water before landing sideways...!
So, if you've ever wondered.......!

BTW, fishing was awful in the early am, lit up nicely about 11:00am

07-28-2002, 08:46 PM
Amazing creatures! Jeff, you should see someone about the mola-fetish. That little scar is from a Penguin bite :devil:

Actually, you're lucky to be able to say you know what they "feel" like. Chris' description of how a sturgeon feels was pretty neat as well (see post).

You got to "pet" a few big bass and blues too I hear!

07-28-2002, 09:52 PM
Bob and Jeff.. incredible picture... that must have been fun and glad the fishing picked up for you later in the morning.

07-29-2002, 06:55 AM
Yet another vote it seems for sleeping late! No fish till 11am? That means I can sleep in Boston till around 8 at least, before heading down the cape:devil: .


07-29-2002, 07:50 AM
The scouting for BIG FISH on DH2 was obviously a waste of time as the weather yesterday AM was less than favorable for near shore tuna.

After Bob boated 2 blues & I one, we switched to fly gear which probabl made the fish laugh as they swam off. We continued with a lonely morning fish wise.

Acres of krill on the outside, smaill bait leaving the water with nothing in pursuit (feeding on the krill?). Maybe that's where the bass are that a lot of people are having a hard time finding.

I won't quickly forget our visit with that big old panfish. My impression of something that moves that slow was that it would be weak & blubbery. To the contrary, it felt like wet plywood but had the density of concrete. It was quite a show to see him take off like a Euro sports car and then go airborn.

About to call it a day when Bob hits one last spot, 50' deep so no flies but soemthing for the fly guys to learn. What do you think produced on a steady basis for me? A jig/ sluggo head with bass worms. Yep - smallmouth bass worms. Of course these are all natural, free range rubber bass worms - I am a purist after all. ;)

Big blues and some nice bass as well.

Thanks Bob, I learned a lot - again.