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: Costa Delmar Polorized Glasses?

07-25-2002, 11:23 PM
I bought a pair of Costa Delmar Polorized Glasses, and have had them for about a year. The lense fell out of the left eye piece. I don't have the brochure for them, but went to the sight. They said when I bought them that they had a lifetime guarantee. Has anybody had to use their guarantee? Most of them say it is against manufacturing defect. Well my glasse lense on the left eye piece fell out into the water and believe you me, I ain't going into that water, in the Green River for the lense. Any experience anybody?:whoa:

07-26-2002, 07:04 AM
I have the Euro's with glass lenses. Awesome glasses. Anyway, while I was cleaning them a while ago, the lens popped out, fell to the ground and chipped. Prior to this, I had the lens pop out once or twice before, but it went back in easilty.

I called up Costa, told them what happened, how much I loved the product, etc. and they said "well, if you saw them fall out, you should have sent them in and had us tighten up the frame searlier. We do that for free. But since you didn't, I can charge you for new lenses (I think it was 20 bucks or 40 bucks for both lenses) and send you a new pair if you send in the ones you have. " Long story short, I have brand new costas for short money and learned the lesson that if something isn't right, tell the CSR right away. They are very nice at Costa, great customer service. That's just another reason I'll only buy Name Brand sunglasses for Fissin'.