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: Cohos South of Sitka

07-22-2002, 03:01 PM
I made the 900 mile run from Port Angeles to Sitka and laid around town for a few days getting caught up on local friends and some light engine room fix ups. After a few days I decided to head down South of Sitka Sound through the inside passes on the West Coast of Baronof Island. I was short of time as there were several oppurtunitys for bussiness ventures that I was keen on looking into. However one thing I was predisposed to do was fish for Cohos in the salt water down around a certain unnamed island that sits on a western ocean cape.
This spot has several things that I like it for 1. A very good anchorage 2.A very short skiff ride from the anchorage to the "Fishing Grounds" 3. Huge volumes of plankton and bait fish 4. Nearly always after 1 July a lot of heavy feeding cohos. 5. Its probably one of the lonliest places on the west coast re. sport fishers.
All the above reasons were the reason I picked this spot to Anchor the big boat and launch my 12' lund from its resting place on the aft shelter deck. This is a simple operation and as I was alone I did so with sasftey first and foremost in my mind.
The 9.9 Honda started on the first pull of the rope and I made my way around the head land and out in front of the giant kelp beds that ringed the little island. Small bait fish were working in an area that encompassed several acres and there were larger predatory fish slashing through the schools. I removed my Fly Rod from its case and chose a fly (a needle fish imitation) twisted the fly to 10# maxima and worked out about 65' of fly line as I was a bout ready to lay the cast on the water a fish slashed through the bait fish at my 12 oclock. I needed no more encouragement than this and laid the line on the water. Several fast strips and I was solid to fiesty 7 pound coho that was reved up and ready to sprout his wings it was a typical ocean coho with several good runs with lots of great surface action and jumps as high as my head. The fish stayed hooked and was landed and as I had other plans for dinner I released it and after reflecting on where I was and the fact that I had done what I set my mind to do I simply cut the fly off and restarted the honda and headed back to the big boat and returned to Sitka. All in all a delightful cruise and a well planned fishing trip.
I left my boat in Sitka and will be returning in early August at which time I am certain too make more than one cast!!!

07-23-2002, 01:15 AM
Sounds like way too much fun...good to hear you found some coho. Reports I had heard from Sitka made is sound like the coho fishing was much slower then normal for this time of year.

07-23-2002, 01:24 AM
Its a little early for judging the Coho run but the fish that have been caught are certainly larger than last years average. Many times they stay off shore and do not come to the beach in signifigant numbers until the last week of July and we should know how that goes soon!

07-23-2002, 08:33 AM
Sounds altogether too lonely! I think you could use some company... so where would I fly to, and how do I get to your anchorage? ;)