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: Prudence Island, RI

07-21-2002, 03:57 PM
Patches of fog greeted us as we left Bullocks Cove channel forty-five minutes before sunrise. Our plans were to fish and cover as much territory before the sun got brighter and warmer. The northerly winds were soft and refreshing on our backs, especially after the recent heat waves we had experienced. The north winds also brought showers earlier that evening, but the front had cleared. Hopefully this interruption of weather pattern would change our fishing possibilities.

Heading south toward Prudence Island, we had a chance to introduce ourselves and chat with our guest, Joseph Ray. Joe is a tall nineteen-year collage student from the State of South Carolina. As our conversation continued, you could tell he was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and energetic about today’s trip. As the day would progress, we later found his casting skills and fish talents to be extraordinary. He was a total fanatic fishing lunatic – A fly fish’in fool mind you. My son and I would enjoy and love every minute of this day.

Tidal conditions were great too. High tide was at 5:00 am nearing a full moon. We would have the whole morning fishing an out flowing tide at 69 degrees water temperature.

We reached the northerly exposed shore of Prudence Island when images of baitfish appeared on our screen. Drifting toward the rock formations, Joe quickly hooked into a smaller striper. It was great to see his first reaction to his first caught striper. We made numerous drifts that brought us into the rocks and all were successful.

Later we move southerly to the mid section of the island. We were greeted with the same bait condition and results by drifting out and toward the shore again. Surprisingly we fished both areas for four hours with continued results. This day, the bass favored rocky structure with plenty of current flow that faced the northerly winds. We were not able to identify the forage, but it was holding at six feet. Occasionally you would land a bluefish or two. We also made our donation of flies to these toothy menaces.

Conditions changed throughout the morning at both locations. Fishing sink lines were the norm at the top of the tide. Later, there was some surface activity from the receding tide. Some bass started to swirl in pockets. Others were observed finning closed to the surface. Olive Clouser’s took some bass, but the most popular offering was a white, over pink, over lavender angel hair fly that looked like the fly had been hemorrhaging. Broken back swimming bombers with translucent finishes darted with some red brought explosive surface action, as did poppers. This produced some very visual tail walking antics from some not so expecting bass.

07-22-2002, 12:22 AM
Nice to hear from ya Ray. Where ya been hiding? I got a new E-mail add., you can get it in the profile, if you have one for Art could you send it to me?