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: ROGUE RIVER REPORT. Volume 3-summer steelhead.

07-18-2002, 01:30 PM
Well, the spring king run is 98% history with about 36,000 fish through the counter this year. Summer fish are showing up in good numbers far earlier than usual. Offical count is very dated (6-24 at 1200 fish) so would appear we're closer to 2,000 at this time.

Fish this year do seem to be running larger than usual with many in the 7-10# range. A gas on a spey rod. Jim Jones (JDJONES on the board) is up for a week and on the river now. He and I went out before work and I hooked two, and missed a couple more in about an hour.

First one was a total screamer; 80' of Xlt line off the reel plus another 25-30 yards of backing on the first run. Cartwheels all the way. Finally spit/pulled out the #8 hook.

Second fish not so large, but good enough to pop 8# maxima leader.

Back out tonight with Jim and Dave Kelly (avid1 on board) seek out and 'not-distroy' some more.

07-18-2002, 01:38 PM
Fish - Good :)

Fires - Very Bad :(

Good luck with both, my southern friend.


07-19-2002, 01:33 PM
you don't have to breath the air. Looks like Los Angles on a bad (h)air day. Eight fires going on within about 30 miles of Medford so the valley is full of smoke. Wind comes up in the late afternoon which has a tendency to blow it away .... but that just kicks up the fires. Win-Loose.

Blurb on TV a few days ago on (many fires going in Oregon now) which noted Oregon has 1500 perminante fire fighters on staff, with an additional 6,500 under contract. Think this was Monday, anyway .. fellow said of the 8,000 some men, only 20!!!! were not presently on a fire line somewhere. "And I feel comfortable with this." Man, I sure didn't.

07-25-2002, 02:35 PM
Well the spring salmon run just keeps coming, and coming, and coming. Official count (darn near 15 days old) puts them at just a few fish under 40,000! And another chunk of fish are reported to be going through the counter this week.

Steelhead count is still around 2500 fish but it's gaining every day; looks like this will be another good summer fishery. Counter (at Gold Ray dam) is the lower marker for the fly fishing only water for the upper Rogue. So what ever makes the counter go "click" is for the 'fly-guys' only.

Back to the salmon again though. We've had runs exceeding 33,000 fish for the last three or four years. Next spring could be a bummer as this will be the run of hatchery fish that darn near got themselves all killed when the main water pump and alarm system went off line at the hatchery. Of the 1.62 million smolts that were to be planted under 500,000 survived. If the janitor (true story) had been late for work they all would have been killed.

So the 'strength' of next springs run will be a real test (first in years) to tell how well the native springers are really holding up numbers wise.