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: 5/25 Plum Island

Norm M
05-25-2001, 10:11 AM
Took the long trek to some of the backside flats on the Parker River. After wading out to within casting distance of the channel my 3rd cast produces a fat 20"+ fish on an o/w clouser. I'm thinking, yes the long walk has paid off. An hour later I pick up another twinkie and that's it for the morning. I averaged about 1 fish/mile walking. Doesn't sound like the other end of the Island was any better. In my logs from the last couple years there seems to be a lull between the exit of the mid size early migrators and the arrival of the micro size summer residents. I guess this is it. The big cows chasing the after spawn herring should be here soon if not already also. Trout and smallmouth for me this weekend up in NH.