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: "Second hand smoke." Don't need one of Jere's great cigars

07-17-2002, 01:38 AM
to get all the 'smoke' you want. Have 8+, no sh..., fires going in our immediate area at this time. Couple of thousand acres to small, 'ah nuts,' due to lightning strikes, things going on within 20 miles of Medford. No 'danger,' other than keep your windows closed to keep the smoke out. Interesting thing is Oregon has 1500 full time forest fire fighters on staff, with an additional 6500 (no mis-print) on contract. As of now, with all the fires going in the Western States we're down to a grand total (unassigned crew) of 20 people. Most have been shipped to major fires elsewhere, but Oregon is getting 'more interesting' as to where to put 'our' people.

But lots of summer runs in the river. Breath ... fish ... breath ... fish ....:smokin: Most of "us" would love a good strong wind to blow the smoke out of the valley, but that would just screw up the guys/gals on the fire lines. No " win-win" here at the moment.


08-03-2002, 01:26 AM
to water a few plants ..... came back in 10 minutes later covered with falling ash.

Forcast is for a bit of rain this weekend ... Dear God, I hope they're right for a change.