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: Chatham Report-7/12-7/13

07-14-2002, 05:59 PM
Yesterday was brutal...wind honking at least 25 plus...Juro, Penguin, JimW and Big Dave head out to SB....We all hit as we start out...then we move south...Big Dave keeps going... we stop for sight fishing and with all that wind and choppy water we do see fish but the fishing is tough... Jim Lands a good one...juro does his usual and Pete hauls a big one just at the end of the day.. Usually schoolie action now and then and I leave around 2 they stay till 4.... Today, I am on my own.... Same routine... 8 am shuttle..I was the only one of the shuttle...has everyone taken up golf? Pick up two nice high twenty inch fish...a bit overcast and wind , about 10 to 15 out of the SW...better, but sun would have helped.. Had to leave before the incoming really came in full force... I am fishing solitary a sight fishing flat and three flyfishermen...looking the part... stop and wade in on the fish path..they don't have a clue..I take off. Met Ron on the shuttle back and since he is a Monomoy diehard, he had to leave early because the wind keeps building instead of slowing..That told me something.

07-14-2002, 08:05 PM
It's definitely been an up and down thing lately - for instance, Friday the PNW contingent hit well over 30 fish on the flats with several legals in the mix - 24 hours later it's down to a few shots here and there (luckily two connected in a big way).

Last year things didn't get this funky until August, but then again like Todd Murphy says "don't go by the human calendar".

Tunoids are finning this way!

07-15-2002, 11:36 AM

How did you do after we split up on Sat? I walked down to the outler limits and managed to pick up a nice one after quite a few refusals. Got to see Pete lose his thumb on a legal w/Juro and Jim and finally called it a day at 4, beaten down by the wind.

I'll be back down next weekend. Hope to bump into you again sometime.


07-15-2002, 12:02 PM
My Chatham Weekend.

Got down Friday night to visit my girlfriend's Aunt, Uncle and two daughters. Saturday I convinced them to come out to South Beach and see the sights. Uncle is a huge freshwater FF guy, so he was easy ;).

At the Causeway, I saw the MYLU and the CAC Vehicle. Wasn't out there long enough to bump into anyone though. Sounds like it was the usual crowd doing the usual good stuff.

Boarded the 11:00 boat out. Got to see some Seals and other usual sights, but the wind was really honking by this point making the fishing a little futile. Besides, the girls (3 and 5) were getting nicely polished by the wonderful wind blown sand.

On the way out, I saw the Sluggo Vehicle (Juro's Rig) had joined the likes of the others.

Headed down to the light Sunday morning from around 6 til like 8ish. Nothing doing. Saw some terns pick up some small sand eels and that was it. Bumped into FredA who retold the stories from Saturday.

Glad to hear there were fish around, just not around me.:rolleyes:

07-15-2002, 05:24 PM
Big Dave...I will look for you this weekend..

07-15-2002, 09:04 PM
I would have never imagined being able to sight fish in]these conditions , Amazing. I learned a lot about spotting fish in adverse conditions. It was great to finally get out on the flats with you guys. Penguin coins the phrase for July:

Is That a Fish ?

The wind is blowing 25+ gusting to 35 (those wind speeds in the link above are at the airport, not on the water) The kind of wind that makes it difficult to carry on a conversation. Juro, Pete and I are standing there shooting the breeze. Pete mentions something about hitting the surf side, Juro and I are ready to call it a day. Pete glances to the left and says, "Is that a fish?" fires off a cast and BANG! he's on. Unbelievable!

07-16-2002, 09:20 AM
...That cow came all the way from Maryland and was destined to find ME and test my leader knots!
...Had I not gotten off a cast, she would have launched herself in an attempt to knock me down and dance on my face...
And, best of all, it all happened in slow motion and in front of good friends!

Juro said it was a case of "blind destiny"! ...but I'd prefer to think of it as an opportunity to demonstrate superior technique and previously untapped natural ability! :hehe: