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: They came, they saw...

07-14-2002, 12:56 PM
they conquered! Tyler and Brian (Kush and Doublespey) picked a good week weather wise (discounting the gale force winds) and absolutely rocked on the flats on their final day. It was a particularly difficult time to be sight fishing due to ridiculously finicky fish; but these guys persisted, applied the right techniques we home boyz shared with them, as well as a few of their own, and quickly became flats rats.

Plenty of pics to come!

07-14-2002, 04:43 PM
Yes.. It was great meeting Brian and Tyler and great fishing with them... I wish I had gone with you guys on Friday instead of getting off the shuttle and heading over to the ocean ..what a boob... here I am looking for you up at the south side of south beach and you guys are into fish before you even begin sight fishing. Here are acouple of pictures from CAC along with Pete, who brought a great saudi head wrap.

07-14-2002, 04:46 PM
Thanks Tyler for the cuban Montecristo and to both of you for great company... I an glad I met Sandy also, she is quite a gal ,with all the fishing you do... wish I could have fished with Bryan more..but time would not have it... great to see Pete also. Juro just can stop tying those secret flats flys.

07-14-2002, 04:49 PM
Official CAC photo...for the archives..... know ...Juro has all the fish pictures which I am sure he will post.

07-14-2002, 05:28 PM
Pete... sneaking a peek.....and the CAC tradition..drinking good scotch out of coffee cups.

07-14-2002, 10:24 PM
Tyler attended the first 2002 Rip Trip on the first day of the fishing allowed part of his anniversary visit.

07-15-2002, 03:02 PM
Haven't even looked at my digital pics yet, and am buried in work (the usual punishment for vacation days:rolleyes: ), but wanted to post a big :D Thank You :D to Penguin Pete, Striblue, and the other Forum members I was lucky enough to meet while there.

You guys were great fun to fish and hang out with - Striblue's coffee is a wondrous elixer that brought me back from the dead on Friday evening and allowed me to stay conscious for another couple hours of banter, Scotch drinking, and observing Juro tying up another Flats masterpiece. The CAC is definitely a Classic!

Special thanks to Penguin for housing another refugee PNWer - Area 61's on My Map now!! :smokin: Hope you get to take a trip out our way soon - would definitely enjoy introducing you to some of our local Silver Salmon or Steelhead.

And, like a broken record - I don't know what to say about Juro. ;) Thanks wouldn't begin to cover it. I know I've NEVER walked as far in knee-deep water as I did those three days on the flats:chuckle: . And the Stripers were kind enough to oblige us, especially that last day. Learned a lot, saw a lot, and hooked a few! Great fun!!

Tight Lines~


07-16-2002, 06:32 AM
A brilliant sunrise marked the day we ROCKED the flats with well over 30 fish and several keeper-sized bass... the final day of fishing before the PNW guys had to head west.

07-19-2002, 04:12 PM
To all our Cape friends,

We got home late last night, tired but with huge smiles on our faces. All aspects of our 25th Anniversary Expedition were unqualified successes! The cultural parts in Boston and New York were fabulous - each diametrically different - but each the essence of the place, it was indeed all we could ask for.

Now the fishing part of the adventure - which of course centred on the Cape was all that was advertised - and then some ! Juro has talked about the fishing and I will expect that I will do a great deal of that myself, however, what made our 9 days on the Cape a lifetime memory were the people. Sandi and I would like to thank those who helped make the trip special.

First, Juro and his concept of what the Flyfishing Forum is intended to do. Sure the info and reports are great, but it is about people and the opportunity to share their experiences that is the essence of the idea. We have all been party to the more secretive and protective aspects of our personal fishing (and in today's world there is still a need for it), but the Forum creates the ability to share with our world wide brothers.

I know I was happy to have Juro up to my pet steelhead spots (as well as other forum members) but I really had no idea of the Royal Treatment we would recieve when we got to the Cape. Various Forum members stepped up and offered their time, expertise and friendship - it was this that made the trip for Sandi and I. The concept of a world wide network of flyfishermen is a beauty - thanks Juro for the concept as well as all of the others who keep this thing running - we are your biggest fans!

Juro may also have missed his calling as a Travel agent. The Jedi Master - "he who leaves no foot prints in the sand" - may be the ultimate host. Those who have seen him in action - juggling six things at once (while driving down the road looking for shortcuts and tying a new fly) will not be suprised. Without his inscrutable skills the whole thing could not have possibly come to fruition. Wow. Thanks Brother.

Sandi and I would also like to offer some personal thanks to Members who helped out during our stay. Thanks to Sean and Patrice for picking us up in Providence and helping us on our way to Striper Heaven. Thanks to Adrian for the company and the trip-saving loan of the rod on the Rip Trip (after I broke the tip on one of Dana's spey-rods - I haven't told him yet :mad: :tsk_tsk: ). As well, we thank Adrian for taking us to lunch on our last day in the Big Apple! Thanks to the Estey brothers Greg and Mike for the trip out on their boat - I got my first keeper(s) - pix to follow. Thanks to Tom for the quick ride on his boat - I wish I had another week to try some flats fishing from your boat - maybe next trip!

Thanks also go to Striblue, for sending me samples of flies to tie, as well as helping to inspire my Hootchie Squid (that worked nicely on the Rip Trip). The visit to the CAC was much anticipated and it did not dissappoint - what a place! I look forward to sharing a few more Cubans with you John.

The biggest thanks by far goes to the Penguin. Pete uncovered the shadowy path to Area 61 - it's not on any map and when we got there we were treated to more hospitality than anyone could ever expect. For a man who once called himself Ishmael - he sure knows how to make people feel welcome! From the resplendent digs of Area 61, to the use of his first class tackle, to lessons in the Art of the Yak Attack (one of which - uh, flipped by me...) to his patented "Area 61 Smoothie" (a drink you must ask for if you find yourself at Area 61), to his unparalled and unique perspective on the world Pete made our trip the success it was. Sandi and I feel that we have made a lifelong friend in Pete Gray - thanks. Pete, for what it's worth - I'm still not sure what day it is - but I think tomorrow is SATURDAY!

When I get some photos back I will post them and babble on about the fishing. Thanks to all the Forum members who we met - here's hoping I get to repay the experience by showing all of you around my neck of the woods one day soon.

One last thanks has to go to my blushing bride of 25 years - Sandi - for suggesting the whole trip - I'm a lucky man:D .

07-19-2002, 09:00 PM
...You folks sure picked up the language quick! I wuzz affraid I'd have to resort to some pointy-talky Berlitz stuff left over from my Yemen much for metrics and the "other" language.
The pleasure was all mine...I just wish I could have put you into more cooperative fish but, since you found the "mother load" with Juro (GO FIGURE?!) everything worked out just fine (except that was the day I slept in...BIG MISTAKE!)...
Neighbors are still puzzled by the well they should be!
Sandi...Thanks for the good eats...I could get used to that!
'Can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories!