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: CT. Fishing..........???

07-10-2002, 09:47 PM
Hello all,
Been awhile since I have been online here but have not had anything at all worth posting about. Been the worst fishing season for me in about 3-4 years this year. I think it is because I bought a new boat, with the old tin boat I never had a problem finding fish?? I may just bring out the old tin boat for a reunion run to see if I can shake off the bad karma on my new boat. Been east to R.I. several times and have not really had one memorable trip yet, and just forget about any talk of big fish they have failed to show themselves to me this year. I keep trudging on though and being that I am an eternal optimist I will keep my chin up and hope for better days to come. From the sounds of it you guy's up on the Cape have had quite a good year so far, if I can get my new Tow Vehicle soon I may be making a trip up to see some of you. Juro would you be willing to do a boating thing? Bob Pink you and I are due for another assault I think. And maybe Adrian can come along with me and catch some fish aboard my boat, I think that was the start of it all Adrian, back in April or May when you and I had that terrible day on the river. Never bounced back from that disaster.
At least I have gotten some nice pictures this year!