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: Great Lakes SKAM outing this weekend!

07-10-2002, 05:32 PM
Ok, well I am a little excited at the moment, but the date stays as planned.

First of all, the Skamania outing is still on for this weekend, and early next week. Some members will be coming on Friday, some leaving Sunday, some staying Monday(???)or whatever, but I am anticipating on staying Friday - Monday.

Secondly, the water has dropped from 72deg earlier this week to 50deg. Talk about a drop....this pushed the fish in and they are cruising the shorline. The reason was because we had a strong NE wind that pushed the warmer water on the eastern end of Lake Michigan's shorline(Michigan and southern Indiana) out into deeper water, creating a thermocline that caused the fish to move in quickly. Anglers are getting the fish like crazy off the pierheads. There are a few fish in the river, but not too many.....most are hanging around the river mouth stacked up, awaiting a good rain.

Thirdly, I found two hotels, and I will call for lodging information. I might camp with a few people from the club, but this all depends. Also, we could plan a bonfire as well if anyone is interested?!? I imagine there is restaurants in downtown Niles or St. Joseph, but I am going to bring our own food as well.

Fourthly, these fish are fresh and aggresive, and since the rivers do not have too many fish, it might not be worth the time to fish inland if the surf is rockin. I have an daily agenda setup, and we can play it by ear as well and hopefully as goes well as planned. Feel free to do what you want to do as well.

Saturday, July 13:

-Early AM: hit the surf at around 4:00am and fish the pierheads and mouth before the boaters and local anglers get there. Low light conditions are more appropriate with this type of fishing, since many weill stage at the mouth during the day and move up at night.
-Afternoon until evening: After we get some rest, get unpacked, eat, or whatever, we can head to the piers or walk the beaches if anyone is up to it searching for any skams that made there way into feeder creeks and streams. Some may wish to leave, or some may wish to stay a while and fish until late at night.
-Late evening: Campfire possibly?

Sunday, July 14:

-Early AM: Walking the beaches, doing the usual as planned for previous morning or, hitting the St. Joe river upstream to fish near dam and see if we can pick anything up.
-Afternoon: Continue fishing surf or inland on river, or split up and do whatever you many want.
-Early evening: Anyone up for some fishing?? I will probably be out on the water again.
-Late evening: Campfire possibly??

Monday, July 15:

-Early AM: Walking the beaches again, conducting usual?
-Later morning thru afternoon: Fishing continues for myself, and anyone who wishes to join me.
-Early evening: I might be leaving for home, although it all depends on the fishing!

Also let me add that you might need waders. Although you can wet wade if you would like, 50deg water is a bit cold for most people. A 8wt outfit is ideal(9' and up) but it is a good idea to bring extra rods just in case. I will have my spey rod which can be helpful as well. A 9wt would be a good choice since you would be punching flies out, but you can get by with a 7wt too. For reels, bring what you like but alot of backing is always helpful. Floating lines are best for fishing on top, although the water is a little cold, but they still will come up and grab poppers or wakers. A sink tip or intermediate line is best, but when fishing off the pierheads, a fast sinking line can be your best friend. If you have spare spools, this is the time to use them. Have 9'-12' leaders and spare tippet availible as well in 6lb - 12lb. For fly selection, you have a variety of different options, here are a few below....

-Baitfish imitations(#4 - 2/0)
-Epoxy glass minnows(#1- 4)
-Flourescent Marabou and Bunny Speys(#6 - 2/0)
-Large Globugs(#4-6)
-Black wolly buggers and leeches(#4 - 2/0)
-Nymphs(big hares ears, hex, stonflies and caddis #2-6)

Well, all is set now. For any last minute details I will drop you a line otherwise send me an email at Hopefully turns out well!

Tightlines and hopefully screaming SKAMS!:rolleyes: :D :D