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: Naragansett, RI

07-09-2002, 08:41 PM
I enjoyed a nice day at Narragansett beach with the family. Spent alot of time studying the beach, rips and bars from low to high tide. Found quite a few fish lanes and showed my boys some stripers up close in knee deep water and less. Fish weren't too spooky considering the hundreds of people around. Probably a dozen or so spin casters and surf fisherman down the beach. Heard of one small striper caught on a mole crab in the morning.

I figured I had the place figured out. We came back the next morning around 6am a couple hours past high tide. Not much fish around and no bait on shore. We worked the rips and channels we spotted the day before, nothing biting on my sandeel offering, should have tried some crabs or shrimp. Perhaps the guy walking down the beach ahead of us walking in and out of the first wave and working the bars with a pair of metal detectors had something to do with the lack of fish around. Apparently it is still a busy place in the morning as there were already some people out swimming and wading. We arrived at the opposite side of the tide and didn't see any fish around till near low tide. Saw birds diving offshore beyond casting distance of course.

I was kicked off the public beach around 8am. Would have headed down the beach But Brandon isn't up for long walks. Not much solitude to be found, perhaps during the week or at night. I thought it was a nice spot with some great fishy rips that seems worth a try again sometime. It was nice to see some nice fish up close in shallow water among all the swimmers. Some of the little kids were alittle scared after I pointed them out.:whoa:


07-10-2002, 12:44 AM
Fish don`t usually stay on Gansett town beach unless there`s a good surf running. When the surf is flat the fish hang well offshore, but when it comes up the fish will be right at your feet. Head down towads the Dunes club and from there to the mouth of Narrow River.