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: Plymouth 7/7 pm

07-08-2002, 03:41 PM
Last night Rich D and I were out for a paddle along Plymouth beach; now that bluefish are in the harbor we figured the outside was worth a shot. I picked up a few schoolies along the way out to the point, blondes over the sandy areas and checkerboards over the rocks. I retrieved a floating rapala for a youngster. Just paddling along taking in the sights and sounds of the area as the sun started to set in that smoky horizon. The water is FAC with gentle rollers breaking on the shore, the type of conditions where a tailing fish at a 100yds is like a neon sign. I catch up to Rich and see that he's casting at some breaking fish, which quickly dissipate. Having reached the beach we just keep paddling along about 100yds off shore looking for signs of fish on this underwater desert of sand and large nervous crabs. We paddle half the length of the beach and decide to head back. Just as I swing around I notice a very large disturbance in the water ~1/4 mile out, gesturing to Rich I make for the boil at full speed. When I get closer it looks like small blues thrashing on the surface, getting closer, casting, getting really strange hits. It's pogies! Now Rich is on it too, the school heads his way and something Real big pushes up a wake and goes under. The surface activity stops for a moment, and then Rich sees it going towards shore down my way. I'm in a good position but still have a small clouser on :( It's Big, this thing is in pursuit of the pogies in shallow water about 30ft behind my yak pushing a wake, (cue the jaws theme) That's enough to spook me so I paddle away from the ??? and turn to get a cast off from ~60' Now both fins are out of the water. I see stripes it's a Bass, a moby of a bass with a huge dorsal fin. Now everything is quiet, I assume there's one less pogy swimming around in the ocean and this monster bass is cruising to its next meal. Now my heart rate has returned to normal and we paddle back as it gets dark without another sign of fish.