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: Brown Bugger Bags Another Buglemouth!

07-07-2002, 07:32 PM
Got my second flyrod carp yesterday (~10 lbs) on the same brown wooly bugger! This one never even made it onto the reel because I had to frantically steer it away from some nearby weeds and timber. Luckily, my boat was drifting in a favorable direction and did a good job of acting as the "drag" during much of the battle. I did have one moment of panic when the fish swam beneath the boat :eyecrazy: (ahh, the hazards of the short leash :rolleyes: ), but I was able to maneuver the rod around the motor without breaking anything. I pulled the fish to the surface for a couple photos (I'll post one when I get the film developed) then brought it to boatside for the release.

I got lucky when I found this one. I had drifted past the "usual" spot, and as the boat neared the shore I sat down to grab the oars to row back out. I looked up and saw the carp right next to shore in about a foot of water, no more than 15 feet away from me. Moving as little as possible, I sort of "flopped" the fly over towards the fish, but it landed about 2 feet away from the fish on the other side of some weeds and I thought I'd have to cast again. Nope. The fish charged as soon as I moved the fly. Guess this one was hungry!

A while later I had another carp charge the same fly but I missed the hookup. It actually chased the fly and hit at it twice before it got too close to the boat and got spooked. I probably had 20 other good casts/presentations throughout the day, as well as numerous botched efforts, but the fish either ignored the fly or got spooked. It seems like you just have to keep trying until you find the right fish!