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: South Beach, Bayside, 7/5, Bad Karma Day

07-06-2002, 12:57 AM
Sat around to 7:00am trying to decide where to go. Wife was going up to visit her father and had the day to fish. With the NW wind about the only thing appealing was the rip trip and I was kicking myself for not signing up.

Went to South Beach and made my way down the inside. Saw one nice fish which I couldn't get a reasonable cast off to, with the wind in my face. Bumped into Tod D who'd had just watched his fly rejected by a nice fish with a big orange fly or lure hangin from his mouth, then watched a seal take the fish, lure and all. We surmised the fish was not in very good shape. Moved on and crossed over to the surf. Contemplated walking down to the end, which wasn't too far off but opted to pack it in and catch an early ride back. Lots of beachgoers so I didn't have to wait long for a taxi to come by. Chatham incoming traffic was unbelievable.

Went to the bayside and walked to the creek for the bottom and beginning of the flood. Wind was honkin and the shoal was loaded with summer people and SUV's. Went to Postup station#1 and looked for fish, people swimming to my left, jetski to my right.
Talked to a guy who'd fished the creek mouth. Said there were fish there on the drop but he managed just one. Hung around awile looking but not seeing. Thought it might be entertaining to hang around a watch an SUV get stranded, with the tide being pushed by the NW wind, but called it quits.

The crowds and traffic had me dreaming of September.

I'm ready to go back to work.

Tod D
07-06-2002, 08:48 AM
Bad karma indeed. Still nice to be out though.

My brother backed out, but I decided to take the post July 4th ride down to Chatham. Arrived at the light at around 4:30, walked out & fished bars out front on the coming tide. Two schoolies. Quick trip to Bathtub. Nada. Headed over to take the 8 am Rip Ryder to South Beach. Saw the Rip Trippers' assorted vehicles lined up on the causeway. Met Dominic as we both awaited the boat over to South Beach.

As Fred said, wind was honking from the NW so visibility (not to mention casting) was a bear. ***Shameless plug insert*** I received a pair of Action Optics Bruneau shades for dad's day. They are OUTSTANDING!!! Despite the wind, chop & glare I was able to see exceptionally well. Eyed three fish almost immediately as Dominic and I began to wade in about mid-calf deep. In retrospect, I wish I wasn't able to pick them up as well as I found them to be extremely negative all morning.

Just before I met up w/ Fred I spotted a shadow running perpendicular to me, about 50' out - w/ some sort of orange thing trailing it (Suspect it may have been part of a tube & worm???). Put a cast out to intercept it, let it sink, two sharp twitches. Fish turns hard 90 degrees, charges fly, stops. Two more twitches. Hard charge. I start to duck down as fish is no more than 10 feet off. Fish actually noses the fly then spins off as he sees me. Notice seal about 100' to NW of me. Fish heads SW. Seal drops underwater. Seconds later, huge eruption SW of me as seal wallops the fish. I mean, bass out of water on its side, Seals fins out of water. Thrashing everywhere. If I didn't see the seal head chomping the fish, I'd have sworn it was a shark attack. I'd guess the fish went at least 35". Had to have been injured though as the seal closed on him fast & furiously.

Met up w/ Fred & comiserated. He headed south, I headed for the pick up spot. Figured I surprise my wife & actually come home early. In the 400 yards south of the pick up, I spotted at least 2 dozen fish (or the same fish a whole bunch of times). They seemed to be hanging just off the lip of the flats, occasionally venturing up. I was picking them up a long way off & felt like I was leading them well, etc etc. Switched up flies, etc. etc. Nothing. Most would follow then reject - some demonstratively, most subtlely. At about 11:30 I decided I'd hop the 11:45 ferry. Switched to a smallish (3") flatwing & next cast managed to fool a nice 34" to take a chomp. Almost thought about staying, but figured I'd quit while only slightly behind.

Headed home through Chatham. Typically July 4th madness.

07-06-2002, 08:55 AM
I hear ya. Spent a couple hours last night getting slammed around in the harbor (yak). Just one schoolie to show for it. This wind is a drag. It may serve to load push some bait my way. I hear there are full size pogies in Duxbury and that usually means the larger bass will hold in the area.

07-06-2002, 09:09 AM
Who knows, the wind isn't east enough to push in cool water but maybe it'll cool down a bit. No problem with bait at the sandeel factory I've been fishing. On the positive side the summer people fishing sandeels were having pretty good success yesterday afternoon, so the fish are still inshore. This morning I gave it a weak shot in the wind while getting hammered with choppy waves.