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: 6/30-7/2 S.E. Cape Fly Spin Wade Fishing Reports

07-03-2002, 06:03 AM
7/2 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

Rudy and Matt told me they had been in a fishing slump. They had hopes of changing that today.

Today was one for the memory books. Saw and caught fish in all 4 spots we stopped to fish in today. We landed 3 or 4 that were all around 33-34 inch's. Plus a number of schoolies.

(See Photo's)

Rudy was happy as a clam.

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Both Rudy and Matt could not believe the numbers and size of fish.

(See Photo)

Some of these fish were caught in 2 feet of water or less!

I think confidence and knowledge were the two main things both of my guests got out of today, besides a whole lot of fish'n fun.
Another fine day of fishing with a couple of finer gentleman. Congrats to you both!

Hey Randy,
I'm enjoying the photos and tall tales (tails), esp. the angry seal stories. Let's nail down final
details of my excursion with you, OK?

50 push-ups per day, walk 10 miles a day, learn to cast 100 feet into a 20 knot wind-fast, offer to carry my ladder all day, (or me if Im tired) and that should about do it! Randy

7/1 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Forgot to mention yesterday that we had fun sight casting to fish that were feeding on shrimp as it washed off the flat. The creek was about 5 feet wide and had about 1 inch of water flowing off the flat into the deep water channel. We stood back about 60 feet and just watched the fish come into 6 inch's of water with their backs out of it. Grabbing the shrimp as it was slowly being dumped into the shallow edge of the channel. So we stood back 50 feet and just barely cast our fly into the water. Hooked up several. Felt more like we were trout fishing!

I knew today was going to be one of those days when Matt greeted me in the morning wearing a BRIGHT yellow MICKEY MOUSE rain jacket? (Why me Lord)(he-he)

(See Photo)

I figured he was either visiting his guy friends in P-Town or that's the way they dress out on the West coast. Matt has a wife and kids, so I guess it was the latter.
Matt said it was his kids rain jacket, but it looked like it fit him pretty good! (he-he)

Today Matt and I saw a fair number of fish and also picked some up while blind casting.

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A fair number of schoolies came to hand today.

(See Below Photo)

Big fish of the day. A 34 incher graced us with it's presence. Congrats! What a honk'A!!

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When sight fishing a flat. I like to use sand bars to gain a height advantage to see better. These bar's also tend to funnel the fish by you. If they are swimming point to point off the bars, you will see them. If they run into the bar in the shallows, normally they will not go over it, but instead follow the edge around the tip of the bar. I always like to see 100% of the fish in my area, than anything less.

As we waded the flat I asked Matt to keep a look out over the shallow sand and I would watch over the deeper water. As we were walking slowly and shallow, I asked Matt to stop. What's that 10 feet in front of you?, I asked. O' that's just a rock, I've been watching it for a while. I suggested that maybe he should cast at the rock because rocks normally do not swim! (he-he) Fish spooked, but once again today Matt learned an invaluable lesson. Rocks dont swim. (he-he)

The highlight of the day for myself was not Matt's big fish or even the fishing. His company, humor and appetite for knowledge made today a fine memory for me..

6/30 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
One of the great charms of angling is that of all the sports, it affords the best opportunity to enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature. (J.J. Manley)

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Today Don and Dave did a combination of blind casting into deep, fast moving water and sight fishing the flats. We picked up fish in all the blind casting spots but just couldn't entice them to bite while sight fishing. All we could get today were schoolies, but had shots at much bigger. Beautiful day to be out getting some fresh air, exercise and learning a lot about fly fishing for striped bass.

Best Fish's,

Randy Jones
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