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: Bayside, 7/30, PM

07-02-2002, 03:45 PM
Slept in this morning and did work around the house. Went to the beach about 1:00pm for the incoming. Walked out to where Pete and I setup for the flood yesterday and, basically, it was a repeat. Wasn't there long before the fish showed. Had lots of shots and picked up a couple, about 28" and 32-33". Made my way in and stopped at another location where fish showed and picked up a rat and, a fiesty 24"er and a 30-32"er.

A. This mid day fishing has to shut down soon unless we get a northeast blow that pushes in some cool water. The water is almost uncomfortably warm.

B. The fish were very lethargic on release because of A, I'm sure.

Would of been a great day for the kayak out there, FAC.