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: Seahabit Herring

07-02-2002, 11:20 AM
I bought a Seahabit herring fly that I caught alot of fish with. Like many great flies I lost this one in a fishes mouth. Now that I tie flies I wanted to make this pattern one of the first ones to tie after those real- eels.

I tied this one using 3/0 hooks, and polar bear superhair and electric blue superhair. It has some silver krystal flash tied back near the bend then wrapped around the shank wrapped near the eye. Polar hair with alittle UV Krystal flash mixed in tied on both sides of the hook. Then layered Electric blue with Light blue krystal flash within on top. Then black Krystal or herring back flash on top to finish.

Grego - Sorry for the not getting these up here sooner since I spoke with you back at the Stony Brook tying clave. Too many obsticles to getting these flies finished and pictures posted. Your first herring was quite nice by the way, have you fished it yet?

Since I'm photo posting challenged it may take a number of edits till I get the pictures right :rolleyes: