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: Crab Hatch Question

07-02-2002, 08:38 AM
Last year around this time I encountered a large crab hatch in one of the estuaries of the Hudson River. When I say large I would estimate that the swarm covered close to a 1/4 mile of water. The fish were everywhere and some were much bigger than the 5-8lb year round residents. The constant splashing and slurping was almost enough to drive me nuts. My question is in a situation like that when they have keyed in on a bait and there is so much of it what does one do to better the odds of a hook up? I tossed just about every fly I had as well as a few crab-ish patterns with not a single take.

Just curious because I have run into situations like that a few times and I have yet to crack the code.

07-02-2002, 08:47 AM
When there is that much bait in the water and fish are keyed in I find it sometimes helps to get away from the main action and try at the 'edges' of the feeding frenzy where your offering stands a better chance of being seen.

Also try different retrieves including no retrieve at all - just chuck it out there and let it sink/float/drift. It's very tough to make yourself do "nothing" when surrounded by fish but hold on tight - takes can come out of nowhere and be quite voilent :D